Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oil Concession And Bunker Services

I&W Petroleum & Synergy team up with SRK for "Oil Concession & Bunker Services" in East Kalimantan

Jakarta, 17 July 2007 (ANTARA) - I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd, a subsidiary of I & W Holdings Sdn. Bhd. provide complete engineering design services to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. It has 5 branches worldwide (Australia, Moscow, Beijing, Hong kong and USA) and for their activities in indonesia they team up with PT. Sapta Rajasa Kapital (SRK), a Private Equity & Wealth Management company. I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd. has risen to become one of the major oil companies in the Asia-Pacific region through strategic investment in its core refining assets and by constantly striving to develop new market products. IW Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn Bhd is proud to be part of those who played a major role in the growth of the local oil industry.

Together with its group of companies, I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd, engages in a wide range of activities which includes oil and gas development and production such as refining, terminalling, distributing, marketing, trading of crude and refined petroleum products.

Over the years, I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd, has gained an international reputation as a reliable supplier of quality petroleum products and aim to be one of international oil market trader leader.

More than 1 Billion USD regional investments in East Kalimantan, One of Indonesian richest province.

As part of its plan to diversify and strengthen its oil activities, I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd continues to seek opportunities to expand its market presence in the region. Over the years, I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd has established a number of successful joint ventures.

This July 2007, I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd team up with PT. Sapta Rajasa Kapital (SRK) for 10,000 Hectare est. oil concession (10,000 Hectare) with estimation original oil in place (oil deposit on shore) more than 500 million barrel and 100 Hectare est. bunkering services (100 Hectare) in Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

We all know that East Kalimantan is one of the largest Oil Industry in Indonesia. In the near Future, thru SRK, a Private Equity & Wealth Management company, I&W Petroleum & Synergy (M) SDN BHD will invest more than One Billion USD to speed up Kutai Timur and East Kalimantan development. With the new facility, I & W Petroleum & Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd is now able to service the markets world wide more effectively.

President Visit East Kalimantan

President Yudhoyono inaugurates 10 infrastructure projects in East Kalimantan (07/05/08 05:18)

Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inaugurated 10 infrastructure projects in a ceremony centered in Bekapai Senipah Peciko, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan on Friday.

The infrastructure projects consisted of one oil and gas project, four electricity plants and five projects in the public works sector.

President Yudhoyono said in his address that the inauguration of projects was the manifestation of the government`s serious and hard work.

"If all parties work hard, all difficult problems will be solved," he said referring to the energy, food and water crises.

The projects inaugurated on the occasion included 2x25 MW steam power electricity plant (PLTU) 2 in Bangka Belitung, 2x10MW PLTU 2 in Papua, 2x65MW PLTU in South Kalimantan and 2x50 MW PLTU in South Sulawesi.

On the occasion the president also signed a plague on the inauguration of a gas and condensate field in Kutai Kertanegara.

The new gas and condensate field which produced its first gas production on November 20, 2007 now has a production capacity of 210 million sdfc of gas and 9,200 barrels of condensate per day.

Also inaugurated were the Embalut-Tenggarong 150 KV high voltage power project in East Kalimantan, the Embalut-Tenggarong 150 KV electrical relay station in Kalimantan, Manggar dam in Balikpapan city and a low-cost flat in Nunukan district, East Kalimantan. (*)

Monday, July 21, 2008

The meaning of A Trip.

Go to Italia it seems am not enough if we do not visit this historic place. The natural disaster was most legendary that had happened including being the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD in Pompeii, you must spend the night in Poompei Hotels to look that, and Herculaneum.

To there we went through Naples, you must spend the night in Naples Hotel. In Naples this, that was one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, you must spend the night in Naples Hotel, we could see Capri Bay scenery in Capri Hotel and Ischia Islands in Ischia Hotel. It was second-hand that the eruption of this Vesuvius Mountain now becomes the interesting tourist attraction and could be dreams for tourists in faced the disaster.

The natural disaster evidently make humankind study that better than beforehand. So not only have fun in the trip, but also give the meaning in the trip with dreams.

Ceremonies In East Kalimantan

There are many ceremonies in East Kalimantan.

Kwangkai is the death ceremony of the Tunjung and Benuaq, Dayaks of East Kalimantan . It usually lasts for ten days and ten nights and is designed to fulfill the dual purpose of leading the soul of the dead to the hereafter, and welcoming the new spirits which are arriving through the newborn.

The first part of the ceremony is called Setanggih, which reflects the Dayak cult of ancestor worship. The follows the Ngerangkai, in which a dance is performed by group of women.

Next come the Pekanan Saru, in which offering are made to the spirits. This involves the performance of ritual dances by the Belian Bawo (shaman). Also the Gantar Adat Dance is performed. The most important part of the ceremony involves the killing of buffaloes and other animals.

The Kwangkai ceremony is held either by individual families or collectively. It is usually held shortly after the harvest season. Before the ceremony takes place , the corpse is placed in the Lungun, a round wooden coffin, where , it is kept for many months so that the bones become dry.

In Families which cannot afford to keep the remains in the house for so long, (it must be given food every day), they are preserved for a few days only. Then the corpse is buried in the usual way, to be dug up and moved as soon as the means needed to hold a Kwangkai are available.

Ngungu Tahun

Ngungu Tahun is an annual post-harvest offering ceremony. It is held as a kind of thanksgiving ritual after a prosperous year.

The ceremony starts with the worship of the ancestors, followed by a series of rituals.
Erau Paray

Erau Paray is a ceremonial feast of the Kenyah and Punan Dayaks. It starts with the worship of the ancestors and the offering of thanks.

Bob Jenggeu is ceremony of the Medang tribe in the Muara Ancalong and Muara Wahau district, Kutai regency , which is accompanied by other rituals such as Uding, Dang Tung, Ne Legur , Ne Lei, Ne Blok and Nam Bleu. It is also accompanied by traditional sport events, as well as dances such as the Jong Nyelong, Ngeway and Ding Suk.

Erau Hudeg or Hudeg Feast is ceremony of the Bahau, in Long Iram and Long Bangun, Kutai regency This feast is held after the harvest season as an expression of gratitude. It lasts for several days and is accompanied by traditional dances and sporting contest.

Dangai is ceremony held by the Bussang and Penihing Umak Suling Dayaks in the hinterland along the Mahakam river, in the Long Pahangai and Long Apari districts, and in the hinterland of the Kutai regency. It is also held by the Kayan Dayaks in the hinterland regions of Bulungan regency. Dangai is held after the harvest season, and usually lasts for ten days and ten nights. It starts with the worship of the ancestors, with food offerings for the gods and the spirits of the ancestors. Dancing girls circle the offerings, dancing and singing in worship of the ancestors. The Tepung Mawar ceremony is held at the same time for girls entering adulthood , so that they will get good, honest and responsible husbands. Newly born babies are givens names. The highlight of the Dangai ceremony is a fight a kind of wrestling contest - between men, which takes place on rotten rice spread on banana's leaves . While the match goes on , women dance and sing in a circle around the arena, stamping their feet all the while.

Palas Tahun is a thanksgiving ceremony of the Malayu Kutai Tribe , in Muara Bengkal , Kutai Regency. It lasts for three days and three nights, and is accompanied by traditional dances and sporting events.

Pangkon is ceremony originating from the Kutai Sultanate. It is held apart from the tribal Erau feast to honor the quest. There are various other rituals and ceremonies, designed to mark important events too numerous to mention one by one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Population in East Kalimantan

The Banjarese and Kutainese of East Kalimantan are mostly a coastal population, living in towns and cities. The Dayak peoples form the overwhelming majority of the population of the hinterland, who live in long-houses called umaq daru. It is customary for one whole extended family or even one clan to occupy one long- house. Each family is given a separate compartment with the chief of the clan occupying the central chamber. Guardian statues are normally placed in front of the long house to protect it against evil spirits who bring disease and bad fortune. Such long-houses, however, are gradually disappearing and many have been converted into meeting halls or stages for dance and music performances. The Dayaks are also known for their artistry, making beautiful cloths and ornaments for their traditional houses. The Tunjung Dayaks still make a kind of cloth called doyo, which is woven from certain plant fibres, used in the past in rituals. But now they are offered for sale to visitors. Oil and natural gas are found along the entire east coast, with refineries centred at Balikpapan and Bontang.

Pasar Kebun Sayur: Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Kebun Sayur market in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, is famous for its gemstones and semi-precious stones, with buyers both foreign and local regularly visiting the market in search of jewelry and other handcrafted wares. Most famous among the market’s offerings are gemstones, such as agate, amethyst, opal, topaz and turquoise.

The majority of the semi-precious stones come from Kalimantan, although some of the jewelry creations combine local gemstones with semi-precious stones from Abudabi, Bangkok, Dubai, India and Tanzania.

Dayak people combine all kinds of colors in designing necklaces, bracelets, brooches and other kinds of jewelry making their creations so classic and elegant.

The market, which opens daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., also features rattan mats called lampit, and various home decorations made from Kalimantan wood.

Sasirangan batik, silk batik and Kalimantan “Saho” are available at stores such as Kumalasari Shop, often at prices far lower than available at area retail centers. Sasirangan and “Saho” batik prices start at Rp 75,000, while the most luxurious variety of silk batik sells for Rp 500,000.

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