Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Variety of Tourism in East Borneo

East Kalimantan province has 13 City and District, Flora and Fauna have rama, arts and culture, rivers, lakes, beaches, mining, forest, white water rafting, and other interesting places.
Through the air: East Kalimantan has 2 doors that is coming through the air Sepinggan Airport International Airport in Balikpapan and Tarakan in Juata. International flights from East Kalimantan to the Foreign Affairs Silk Air flight, while domestic flights to and from the East Kalimantan, Garuda Indonesia Lion Air, Adam Air, Mandala, Sriwijaya, Kartika, Air Asia, and others.
Overland: from East Kalimantan to East Kalimantan Foreign can use land transportation such as the South Kalimantan and central Kalimantan.

Through the river and land: To besiede East Kalimantan regency and the city can use the land and River Road.

Through the sea: To the east kalimantan can also use Sea Transportation Semayang through the port in the port of Balikpapan and Tarakan in Tunon taka. Through the river and land: To besiege East Kalimantan regency and the city can use the land and River Road.
To continue the journey to the District in East Kalimantan can use the Land Transportation, sea, river and sea. Meanwhile, the District of Kota Tarakan other, be able to use sea transport, river and air.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Manggar Segarsari Beach, Balikpapan

Manggar Segarasari Beach is one of the tourism in Balikpapan District, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Marine water so clear, white sand, and the overall look of the beach area are still beautiful. Wide whole beach area is 13,000 m2.

Manggar Segarasari Beach area is very wide, so it can be used to play and vacation destinations. Visitors can play ball, play kites, and so forth. Waves beach water is not so big, so touris can play on the fringe, swim, play rubber boat, and others, with a sense of security. Beach is open between 06.00-18.00 at WITA.

This beach is located at Manggar, East Balikpapan, District of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. To go to this beach, visitors can travel through the land, both with two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel. From the center of Balikpapan City about 22 km distance, or distance from Sepinggan Airport around 9 km to the east. In addition to the personal use of vehicles, visitors can also use public transport the number 7 city.

In the coastal area there are a number of public facilities, such as the parking lot, shelter, space information, the board, pavement stalls (from stalls meatball, young coconut ice, gado-gado, and so forth), and toilet / bathroom / WC. Visitors can also rent a tire rubber (rental rates ranging between Rp. 5000.00-Rp. 10,000.00), soccer-ball colors with the type of party (price approximately Rp. 10,000.00), a rubber boat can drive in two (price approximately Rp. 15,000.00), and also the clothing pool. There are also rental services kites. Prices and tariffs confirmed on February 2008.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sanctuary Orchid Kersik Luway

White soft sand covered by shrubs and tall grass. Clumps of trees with yellowish leaves blanketed in the afternoon mist. This is Kersik Luway Nature Reserve from a distance.

Anyone entering the reserve would be struck with amazement at its beauty. But it holds more than natural beauty. Kersik Luway is home to hundreds of East Kalimantan's wild orchids that are now on the verge extinction as forests succumb to deforestation and forest fires.

Located 18 kilometers from Melak, West Kutai regency, Kersik Luway occupies 5,000 hectares of area. Near the entrance to the reserve, on some 400 hectares of area, are 70 species of East Kalimantan's wild orchids. Previously, it had around 80 species but 10 of them were destroyed in a forest fire in 1997.

East Kalimantan has at least 300 species of wild orchids. Wild orchids are difficult to cultivate and once their habitat is damaged, it will be almost impossible for the orchids to survive. The damage caused by the 1997 fire was therefore a big loss to the nation.

The reserve owes its popularity to its rare Black Orchid (Coelogyne pandurata). Growing in shrubs, the Black Orchid blossoms between April and December. In fact, that is the best period to visit the reserve when all the orchids are in full bloom and all you can see is a plethora of colorful orchids.

Forest fires remain the main threat to the reserve. Kersik Luway, according to the reserve's forest rangers, has been hit by forest fires four times. The first was in 1982, then 1994, 1997 and 2000.

Signs of the fires are still evident. Charcoal tree barks can be seen standing, while tall grass and shrubs dominate the vast landscape. Despite the scars, the reserve still holds its beauty.

There are various means of transportation to reach the reserve from Samarinda, which is around 170 kilometers from Kersik Luway. The most comfortable way is to take a boat from Samarinda to Melak. The trip takes around 22 to 24 hours. The boat ride costs Rp 55,000 for one way.

Another way is to go by car, which can take six hours. However, the trip by car can be exhausting as the dirt road from Samarinda to Melak is bumpy.

Accommodation might be a bit of a problem too as Melak does not have big hotels. Only small inns are available in the quiet town. Locals are more than happy to accommodate guests in their houses.

Journalists and researchers must have a special permit to enter the reserve. The permit can be obtained at the Ministry of Forestry in Jakarta or the Natural Resources Conservation Office in Samarinda. But the beauty that awaits visitors is worth all the trouble and discomfort.

The Jakarta Post,

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pulau Kumala Island

If the capital, Jakarta city have Dunia Fantasy as one of the mainstay, Tenggarong have Kumala Island as a place of public recreation major Kukar even people of East Kalimantan. The difference is in the lips Dufan coast, while a recreational park Kumala Island is located in the middle of the river Mahakam. Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara appeared not only as Kabuten has a wealth of mine materials, but more than that Kukar was also the tourism potential of saving enough to develop. One of them is tourism Kumala Island.

Parks Recreation Kumala Island (TRPK) is located in the management of the government of Kukar District. However the management is done in a professional, this is seen with penataan locations or the vehicle tour very slick to make a visitor will be amazed.
Wake up in the years since 2002, Kumala Island so far has rapidly developed into a recreational park which is the central destination for the people of East Kalimantan. Not less than ten vehicles can enjoy the game, including a resort with a relatively affordable price.

Kumala Island Parks Recreation relatively easy to reach. Kumala Island location so close to the central Kukar Government District, Tenggarong. Transportation to the island Kumalapun is very easy, you can use a motor boat which only takes about two minutes from the port, for fear that pengnjung boat ride, the train provides pengelolapun hanging. This second type of transport that determine rates are very cheap and definitely affordable by all sections of the community.

Pulau Kumala former island, which is always empty when submerged buoyant rise Mahakam River. In 2002 Pemkab Kukar perform reclamation and further build Kumala Island into a recreational park with a resort and transportation equipment.

To enter the area of Recreation Park Kumala you only need to pay Rp. 2000 for one entry, while for a vehicle that is in the recreation park this charge varies between Rp. 1500 s / d Rp. 10,000 for one game.

There are about ten games which means you can enjoy, such as the World Fantasy, Island Park Recreation Kumalapun provide game-play is not much different, such as jet clotser, Car Bombom, Comedy Play, Sky Tower and train even Gocart hanging.

For the hobby around, Taman Pulau Kumala provide recreational mini train that will take you around to enjoy the beautiful island of Kumala broadest reach of 81.7 hectares is applied to the time for 45 minutes. Kumala Island recreation parks also provides the arena for your fishing hobby to sit while waiting for your various species of fish.

For those of you who love the history of the tour, right in front of the garden tour Kumala Island Museum Mulawarman that there are a variety of store items pubakala residual Islamic kingdom of Kutai, itru addition to the museum complex in the area, there are stalls that sell a variety of typical cindera eyes and Kutai cindera typical of East Kalimantan.
In addition to second place ramble, the Kutai Kartanegara also has many places to enjoy tourism, among Brubus Village which is located around the area of Muara Kaman is the center of the former Kingdom of Kutai. Brubus village located about 48 miles Tenggarong City, in this village can be found various residual oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia such as the stone heads of swine, Lesong Stone and others.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Agrowisata Batuah Parks

This region is located in the KM.24 Loa Janan, which is the main road between Samarinda and Balikpapan. And have a broad concept with 35 ha agriculture, nature and tourism and agriculture are among the people of the village Batuah. Agrowisata Batuah this park is managed by the Department of Agriculture Plants of East Kalimantan Province but the location and areanya in Kutai Kartanegara District. Of the old from Balikpapan to Agro Park is about 1 hour and 30 minutes, while the distance from Tenggarong to Agro Park is approximately 45 minutes.

There are different types of orchids in this Agrowisata, among Nature Orchid, Dandrobium, Vanda, Moon Orchid, and other ornamental plants. Orchid orchid in-place can also be purchased with a relatively cheap price.
Anggrek addition, there are also Kaktus House and is one of the objects that can be visited. There are 10 rows of cactus house neat and colorful. Same with the orchid, cactus very day can be purchased with a relatively cheap price.
Very day in the area there is also a fishing pond is one of the main stay of Agrowisata Batuah. There are 3 swimming which is in the hilly curvature that can accommodate approximately 100 people fisher
Other facilities are Jogging track and Camping Ground. With locations spread wide and is located on the plateau in the middle of the orchard so that every visitor can enjoy the beautiful natural environment with a light breeze and the aroma of fresh flowers fragrance.
Various fruits that are in this Agrowisata, among species such as Rambutan Binjai, Lebak Bulus, Rapiah, Antalagi, Durian, pineapple, Salak Pondoh, Cashew etc.

Facility that there is in this Agrowisata Cafe, Fergola umbrella with flowers, Saung resting place, toilet and Villa style houses that rented for visitors who want to spend the night.
East Kalimantan as one of tourist destination in Indonesia XV, have great potential, especially tourism themed environment. At this time and in the future, in the era of regional autonomy, the potential must be dug and continue to be developed to contribute significantly to the development interests of East Kalimantan in the framework of national development.

Parks Agrowisata Batuah standing since 2000 is one of the tourism environments with the scope of agriculture. It is expected that tourism can be developed inenjadi vessel open while the recreational vehicle of education-training in agriculture is large. In the long term, ideally Agrowisata Batuah Park can be a source of local income through tourist visits to this location.
The purpose of writing this final task is to formulate the development strategy priorities Park Agrowisata Batuah to be made by reference to future development in accordance with the vision and mission. Formulation of strategies developed as a result of the analysis of internal and external environment using the matrix of SWOT (strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

Priority development strategy based on "the basic design school model" (Mintzberg, et al., 1998), which consider aspects of social responsibility and managerial values. Priority development strategies are selected as a result of the analysis are:
(1) Development of infrastructure facilities,
(2) Development of products / attractions;
(3) Human Resource Development of core competencies,
(4) Strengthening communities;
(5) integrated Marketing,
(6 ) Designing Local Regulation.

And further described in the Program / Plan Follow five (5) year development Agrowisata Batuah Park. For the success of the implementation of this strategy needs to be done to the socialization of the related parties (stake-holders) and approach (lobby) to decision makers both at the central level and at local level and work together to build integrated all stakeholders, both government, vice - representatives of the people, community tourism, the people around, tourists as consumers and entrepreneurs.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Balikpapan crocodile park: a treat for lovers of exotic fare

Residents in Balikpapan and other parts of East Kalimantan may be familiar with the Borneo Crocodile Recreational Park on Jl. Mulawarman in the city, managed by CV Surya Raya Crocodile Farm.

The place offers visitors a variety of crocodile leather products, such as briefcases, purses, wallets, belts and bags, as well as some exotic fare -- crocodile satay at Rp 3,000 (approximately 33 U.S. cents) a stick.

Crocodile meat is seen by many as nutritious and is believed to heal a number of diseases, such as asthma and allergies, as well as relieving hypertension and reducing sugar levels in diabetics.

The park is open to the public daily, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, visitors can sample crocodile satay only on Sundays and other major holidays, such as Idul Fitri, Idul Adha, Christmas and New Year's Day.

The Cafe Borneo, where crocodile satay is sold, was packed with dozens of visitors eating satay when The Jakarta Post visited.

Besides local visitors, curious diners come from as far as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta and even overseas.

"This is my first time eating crocodile satay. I got the information from my friends who came here earlier. It tastes delicious, like mutton satay," said Adrianus, from Jakarta, who was on a working visit to Balikpapan.

Another visitor from Jakarta, Roni, concurred. "I am by chance hungry... so it tastes more delicious, like chicken satay," said Roni.

According to an employee at Cafe Borneo, Edi, eating crocodile satay has no side effects and is safe for both children and adults. Only younger crocodiles, ideally around three-and-a-half-years old, are slaughtered for their meet.

"We can sell 500 to 1,000 sticks of satay during Sundays, but more than 2,000 sticks during holidays such as Idul Fitri and New Year," said park employee Hamroni.

The park also sells other crocodile-based products, such as crocodile oil, which costs Rp 8,000 per bottle. It is believed to be an effective ointment to heal burns. Crocodile penises are also on sale at Rp 300,000 to Rp 500,000 a piece and are believed to boost male virility.

A 120-ml bottle containing a medicinal drink mixed with crocodile penis is sold at Rp 15,000. Those who prefer light snacks can buy crocodile crackers at Rp 2,000 per pack.

Visitors can buy unfried crocodile crackers as gifts to loved ones back home for Rp 10,000 per pack. The park also sells frozen crocodile meat, meat floss and crocodile bile, believed by many to have qualities to heal asthma, skin diseases and prevent malaria.

Its crocodile leather products are sought after by visitors from the United States, Korea and Brunei. For those who wish to make their own creation from crocodile leather can buy a whole skin at Rp 1.27 million.

"It can be turned into bags, jackets, shoes and others. One of the company's aims is to provide high quality leather products at affordable prices so people from all walks of life can afford them," said Hamroni.

The park is always packed with visitors on weekends. More than 1,000 people visited the park last Sunday, some just to relax, conduct study tours or hold class farewells, as evident from a bus-load of students from the SDN 18 state elementary school in Samarinda Seberang.

The park is home to thousands of crocodiles, from young to mature.

It is not hard to reach the park. Visitors can take the number 7 public van, with fares ranging from Rp 2,500 to Rp 5,000 depending on the distance. It takes 30 minutes from Sepinggan International Airport by car.

Nurni Sulaiman, The Jakarta Post.

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