Monday, February 16, 2009

Pulau Kumala Island

If the capital, Jakarta city have Dunia Fantasy as one of the mainstay, Tenggarong have Kumala Island as a place of public recreation major Kukar even people of East Kalimantan. The difference is in the lips Dufan coast, while a recreational park Kumala Island is located in the middle of the river Mahakam. Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara appeared not only as Kabuten has a wealth of mine materials, but more than that Kukar was also the tourism potential of saving enough to develop. One of them is tourism Kumala Island.

Parks Recreation Kumala Island (TRPK) is located in the management of the government of Kukar District. However the management is done in a professional, this is seen with penataan locations or the vehicle tour very slick to make a visitor will be amazed.
Wake up in the years since 2002, Kumala Island so far has rapidly developed into a recreational park which is the central destination for the people of East Kalimantan. Not less than ten vehicles can enjoy the game, including a resort with a relatively affordable price.

Kumala Island Parks Recreation relatively easy to reach. Kumala Island location so close to the central Kukar Government District, Tenggarong. Transportation to the island Kumalapun is very easy, you can use a motor boat which only takes about two minutes from the port, for fear that pengnjung boat ride, the train provides pengelolapun hanging. This second type of transport that determine rates are very cheap and definitely affordable by all sections of the community.

Pulau Kumala former island, which is always empty when submerged buoyant rise Mahakam River. In 2002 Pemkab Kukar perform reclamation and further build Kumala Island into a recreational park with a resort and transportation equipment.

To enter the area of Recreation Park Kumala you only need to pay Rp. 2000 for one entry, while for a vehicle that is in the recreation park this charge varies between Rp. 1500 s / d Rp. 10,000 for one game.

There are about ten games which means you can enjoy, such as the World Fantasy, Island Park Recreation Kumalapun provide game-play is not much different, such as jet clotser, Car Bombom, Comedy Play, Sky Tower and train even Gocart hanging.

For the hobby around, Taman Pulau Kumala provide recreational mini train that will take you around to enjoy the beautiful island of Kumala broadest reach of 81.7 hectares is applied to the time for 45 minutes. Kumala Island recreation parks also provides the arena for your fishing hobby to sit while waiting for your various species of fish.

For those of you who love the history of the tour, right in front of the garden tour Kumala Island Museum Mulawarman that there are a variety of store items pubakala residual Islamic kingdom of Kutai, itru addition to the museum complex in the area, there are stalls that sell a variety of typical cindera eyes and Kutai cindera typical of East Kalimantan.
In addition to second place ramble, the Kutai Kartanegara also has many places to enjoy tourism, among Brubus Village which is located around the area of Muara Kaman is the center of the former Kingdom of Kutai. Brubus village located about 48 miles Tenggarong City, in this village can be found various residual oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia such as the stone heads of swine, Lesong Stone and others.
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