Wednesday, October 29, 2008 best online community demands a community now.

Requirements gathering is only the shift from sitting in a coffee shop to sit in the virtual world. Greet each other, exchange messages, send gifts and other bias, conducted in the virtual world. First to greet each other distance it difficult. Moreover, to see face each other and communicate. Now everything is done with a simple bias, despite the distance separating umpteen thousands of kilometers away. Moreover, supported by what is now called 3G technology.
To strengthen this relationship communication, best online community attended. best online community to provide community service relationship so far is the distance to be easily and quickly in communicating. Meeting old friends, Finding new friends, upload photos, album collect memories, listening to the latest mp3 hits, ATC. You can even join the existing group, a joint chat and communicate directly. best online community can also search for friends and now.
With best online community enroll in the online community can best get all the facilities. Although this community is not emulate friendster or the other.

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Get Computer Accessories at Yuri Computer

Computers today have become a requirement in almost every family. Computers have become a requirement for those who work and study. So even though people are not too much understood about computer accessories, but also have a need to have them.

This is a benefit for which you have the knowledge to fix a computer or a computer store. Because, by ignorance, which damaged the computer owner or a new vote will not own Computer Accessories appropriate. For the owner who will be entrusted to know more about the Computer Accessories to fix. If you want to get Computer Accessories accordance with the needs, please buy at your Yuri Computer.
Yuri Computer sells Computer Accessories a lot of people are needed. You can get the Computer Accessories such as a monitor, screen, keyboard, mouse, and etc. Yuri Computer sells computer hardware and computer accessories. Please choose the needs of computer accessories in Yuri computer.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Derawan Island Diving and Resort

Go to East Kalimantan, the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo, offers incredible diving off the Derawan Island dive resort. Green turtles know a good thing when they see it. Hundreds of turtles come ashore on these islands to nest leaving telltale crises cross prints on the otherwise blemish-free sandy beaches. If you don`t encounter turtles on shore, then you surely will while diving along with whitetip, leopard and nurse sharks, barracuda, napoleon wrasses, sea horses and ornamental reef fishes in record numbers.

Sangalaki is the world capital of mantas, with some black giants measuring close to twenty feet from wing to wing. Explore the land-locked marine lake on Kakaban with its unusual lake plants and animals. Getting to these dreamy islands is an adventure in itself, but once you do, you will be well rewarded.

Derawan Island Resort has twenty traditional Kalimantan-style beachfront cottages with private bathrooms, terraces and air-conditioning or ceiling fans. The cottages accommodate up to forty divers or marine enthusiasts.

The island is ringed by a white sand beach where thirty to seventy sea turtles nest nightly. Cottages sit back from the beach a bit to allow turtles personal space. Turtles lay eggs on the island, and you may witness hatchlings making it to the sea.

Derawan Island is a divers` haven and offers many types of diving; walls, fringing reefs, caverns, and even a wonderful muck dive. You are likely to see big sea turtles, schooling barracudas, whitetip and leopard sharks, napoleon wrasses, cuttlefish, jacks and many many other creatures. There is a wonderful variety of hard coral around the island. Macro diving off the pier is world class, and you can find sea horses, scorpionfish, and other bizarre small marine animals.

AdesClrPicker suitable for web designers.

If you enjoy playing colors, you certainly can distinguish each of the programs to play with color. You will get many users of Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Flash and the like. However, if you already know the AdesClrPicker, then you automatically interested. Most do not want to try. AdesClrPicker clear that it is suitable for you as a web designer or web master.
Than the predecessor, AdesClrPicker performance could be better. With live right click on the web, it will immediately notify your HTML, RGB, Delphi, C + +, VB code values of the colors.
AdesClrPicker released until still in the stage of development. Release 2.2 will be the last AdesClrPicker facilitate users with more features and Preview Zoom Level Panel, the Export color image as Floating, and the menu. Congratulations and compare them. Moreover AdesClrPicker can be downloaded free of charge directly from the web AdesClrPicker.

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Medical Assistant Online Courses

Human resources is the key to the success of each. To improve skills also need to increase the quality of human resources there. Now to get the knowledge and skills is not limited only to the school or in face-to-face courses. There are still many alternatives to increase this knowledge. One is with the online courses.
Health is a basic human needs. For this reason, the government is encouraging the quality of human resources in the health sector. So, for you who want to improve the knowledge and skills in the areas of health, can enroll in a medical assistant. Medical assistant is an medical assistant school that provides short courses are online.
Online courses in Medical assistant to be guided by a professional and learning online that is guided easily. Do not use traditional face-to-face. Thus will be flexible in determining the time of learning and be personally if the obstacles.
Medical assistant school program is to provide energy to the administration of doctors, podiatrist, chiropractor, and other health practitioners. Medical assistant can take this program in private hospitals and general hospitals. So if you need to sign up to live and meet other administration.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kalimantan Adventures Tours Package

Balikpapan with it's Sepinggan Airport is gateway for East Kalimantan os well known as Borneo accessed by both Domestic and International carries. Tour & travel package open 7 days a week for Tickceting, Transportation service, and Tour arrangement to any destination required. Several Airlines company serve daily flights from the capital of Indonesia Jakarta, Makasssar, Surabaya, Denpasar Bali, Tarakan, Banjarmasin. The Silk Air also flies from Singapore to Balikpapan and back daily. The luxury hotel available for selection such as Gran Senyiur, Hotel Dusit, Hotel Benakutai and other confort hotels are there for accommodation, conference ,business meeting and Entertainment purposes.

Adventure tours become the most interesting trip along the Great Mahakam River where the home town of the diverse Dayak Tribes . Travelers to East Kalimantanwill meet one or more of the seven major Dayak groups living along the Mahakam River: the Tunjung, Banuaq, Bahau, Kenyah, Kayan, Modang and Punan. Dayak Tribes are known for their arts & crafts such as Ulap Doyoh cloth, beatwork,woodcarving,tattooingon their forearms and ritual damcing. The Boat transportation and motorized canoe or ketinting sailing along the Mahakam Rivers and . Apart from these, the modern speedboat is used or generally local flat bottomed riverboats and slow boat called klotok. The Tour boat provide with two storeys , the down floor used for serving food, watching , viewing and adequate toilets, shower facility are also available. The upper floor for sleeping cabin . Now a days, most of the tour boat are provided with individual room with air condition . The slower speed longboats allow tourist to observe and record the captivating river scenes, a priceless documentary of an unforgettable and adventures journey.

The Great Mahakam River Tour
6 Days & 5 Nights

MahakamTour : Natigor 002

On arrival at Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan, meeting services than transfer to your Hotel for overnight. The tour guide will set a short briefing at the hotel for tour preparation . The next morning after breakfast will be heading for Loajanan for 2 hours drive passing Black and white pepper at Batuah Village. Upon arrival at Loajanan, board to houseboat then cruise up the Mahakam river for Muara Muntai. Meals & Overnight on the boat.

Early morning arrive at Muara Muntai Village, after breakfast sight seeing to see the local market and local people daily activities. Muara Muntai’s road built by Hard wood ( Ulin wood ). Then transfer by motorized canoe across the Vast Jempang Lake, where here you might to see the bigger fisherman village Jantur. Entering the Ohong river by passing the floating fishermen house and you will see the proboscis monkeys and long tail monkeys on the tree. Arrive at Mancong village, a welcome ceremony of Dayak Banuaq will be held by the Chief of Dayak and following by traditional dances with his people. Afternoon return to the house boat and continue the trip to Melak.
Lunch en-route, dinner and overnight on the boat.

Arrive in the morning, after breakfast drive to Pepas Eheng to see the Tunjung Dayak Banuaq and here you will see the Dayak still living together in one big long house with more than hundred people and they are still made their traditional handcraft as like Rattan basket and statue. Afterwards, drive to Kersik Luway to observe the Nature Black Orchid Forest. Return to the houseboat for having lunch, and then transfer by motorized canoe entering the small river for Gemuruh Village passing under the tropical rain forest tree. In this small village to will see a small Dayak Tunjung community and afternoon return to the houseboat and cruise up the river for Tering. Dinner & Overnight on the boat.

Morning arrive at Tering Baru, transfer by speed boat cruise up the river to Long Hubung Village and on the way made a stop at Datah Bilang to see the Dayak Kenyah Ornament typical of Long House. Arrive at Long Hubung a welcome Ceremony of Dayak Bahau and following by performances of their traditional Dayak Hudoq Dancing by using the Banana’s leaf asking the rain and protect their rice field from the bad animal so that the villager get a good harvest. Afterwards cruise down the river for Tenggarong.
Meals will provide on the boat & Overnight on the boat.

In the morning arrive at Tenggarong, after breakfast visit the Sultan Kutai Kertanegara Palace. Here you can see Sultan’s collection such as Chinese ceramic from Ming dynasty in 14th century, also Sultan’s family graveyard situated beside the palace. Return to the boat for having lunch and cruise down the river for Loajanan. On arrival immediately transfer by private car air condition and drive back to Balikpapan. Overnight will be at hotel.

After breakfast, free for leisure until transfer to Sepinggan airport for your onward flight to next destination.

Orangutan Wild Life & Floating Market
4 days & 3 nights

Orang Utan Tour : Natigor 003

Day 01, Airport – Kumai – Proboscis Tour – Rimba Lodge
On arrival at Pangkalan Bun airport, meeting service then transfer to Kumai, seaport and the gate to reach National Park. On board crossing to Kumai’s river in approximately 15 minutes to reach Seikonyer’s river, the min river in National Park. Lunch will be served on boat by our own cook. We are riding on the boat about 2 hours to reach Rimba Lodge where you stay overnight for. Check in at the lodge, enjoy the view surrounding. At 16.30 we continue our tour to observe Proboscis monkeys along the riverbanks. Proboscis monkeys are being the endemic animal that can be seen only in Borneo. Get back to the lodge for having dinner and overnight. (L, D)

Day 02, Rimba Lodge – Pondok Tanggui – Camp Leakey – Rimba lodge
After break fast, proceed upstream in to Pondok Tanggui the second rehabilitation center where we can enjoy many babies and juveniles at feeding area around 09.00 AM, taking pictures while having the information from your guide about them. We continue our tour to reach the highlight of National Park, Camp Leakey area. It will pass the black river which is full of wildlife within such as much kind of birds, primates, fish, also crocodiles. Arriving at Camp Leakey, we have hiking track into the forest to gain information of the heterogenic forest wildlife while observing some wild animal as well. At 12.00 back to the boat for having lunch which will be served by our own cook which special various foods. We continue our tour by following orangutan feeding program which is being held at 14.00, bringing milk and fruits, feeders will lead us to the state platform. We will enjoy the situation till 16.00 back to the boat then return down stream to Rimba Lodge to overnight and having dinner. (B, L, D)

Day 3, Rimba Lodge – Kumai – Airport – Banjarmasin
After breakfast, visit again to Pondok Tanggui to see the Orangutan at the feeding time in the Jungle. Then boating down the river back to Kumai and proceed to local market. Lunch will be served on the boat. Afterwards drive to Pangkalan Bun Airport for return flight to Banjarmasin. Upon arrive proceed to Hotel for your accommodation. Dinner will serve at Local restaurant. (B, L, D)

Wake up early morning at 5.30 Am, then take Klotok Boat cruise along the Barito River to see the river life and floating market.

Source: natigor

Learning from the Community Internet Pinoy Teens

How to get friends? Visit with the community on the Internet is the alternate. One of the active community and get money is Pinoy Teens. Pinoy Teens is an Internet community for Philippine Teens. Pinoy Teens becomes the meeting fun for the fans internet. Good for tips, gadget, gathering, writing and video.
It is pulling Pinoy Youth Blog. Create a blog format, which also reported a Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2008. Pinoy Youth Blog is also a place of information for Digital Filipino Club Events and Digital Club Filipino Davao Bloggers Network Event. More exciting with the forum go to Teens Online Community. Teens Online Community can chat and simultaneously discuss what the latest developments online that is not written in the media before.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Multi Tools Knife for Oudoor Gear

Walking in the Kalimantan forest feels provide challenges. Many new things are challenging. Many obstacle that block. Not only plants that inhospitable, but also animals, both small and large. For those who just need the equipment. Travel without weapons seems to give life in hell.
Adventure will feel safe if the weapons are equipped with the appropriate needs. We do not know what will be the challenge flag. We need Survival Knives as a travel stock. Survival Knives can be used for outdoor sports enthusiasts and others. Survival Knives are suitable for combat, defense, digging, chopping, and more. Survival Knives gives a sense of security in the adventure that is not stabilized.
In addition, there are also Multi-Tools Knives as a complement. Multi-Tool Knives provide for the needs of various travel and in the base camp. Muti-Tools Knives are pliers, screwdriver, knives and various other functions. So that practical and does not need to bring more equipment in every adventure.

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End of Year Festival with Snow Tubing Hill

Towards the end of the year, many options that we may stretch. Want to go overseas. Want to go to the festival. Play in the snow outside the house. Or go with family or friends. Many options can take.
For all of you who want to materialize it, you can visit the McKinney Dickens in Texas. McKinney Dickens is the 28th annual Dickens festival displays many activities. There are music, Dickens-era dress, food and children activities.
No less interesting McKinney Dickens center provides a stage this year is snow tubing hill. Bring your family and enjoy the weekend, tubing, Here visiting the many great Shops and Historic restaurant on the square, and entertainment. Like it's the start to the holiday season
McKinney Dickens made the holiday shopping in one place with over 100 boutiques, art galleries, bookstores, apparel, gifts and exquisite Antique Stores. Visitors can find unique and special gifts that they will not find anywhere else.
This festival has made an alternative for the end of the year you visit, and McKinney Dickens will regale you with the arrival of all glamour.

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Personal Website for Internet Business

For the internet business, have own website with the domain itself is a success. With its own domain will get more confidence from business partners. Personal Online convey information about SEO tips, traffic, blogging, adsense, etc. including affiliate programs, gadgets, news, features and personal. Personal Online to become a good reference for the internet business, as well affiliate and blogs.

Online Review site as well as a review SEO tips, traffic, news, etc. Although the Online Review, but as with many tips that make this site is visited quite a lot. Online Review with Wordpress template easier for people to visit and friendly for the indexed by search engines.
Personal Online and Online Review will be more friendly to visitors if the show is not only one article as the default view.

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