Monday, October 27, 2008

AdesClrPicker suitable for web designers.

If you enjoy playing colors, you certainly can distinguish each of the programs to play with color. You will get many users of Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Flash and the like. However, if you already know the AdesClrPicker, then you automatically interested. Most do not want to try. AdesClrPicker clear that it is suitable for you as a web designer or web master.
Than the predecessor, AdesClrPicker performance could be better. With live right click on the web, it will immediately notify your HTML, RGB, Delphi, C + +, VB code values of the colors.
AdesClrPicker released until still in the stage of development. Release 2.2 will be the last AdesClrPicker facilitate users with more features and Preview Zoom Level Panel, the Export color image as Floating, and the menu. Congratulations and compare them. Moreover AdesClrPicker can be downloaded free of charge directly from the web AdesClrPicker.

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