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Integrated Forest Fire Management Project

Integrated Forest Fire Management Project
in East Kalimantan

(IFFN No. 14 - January 1996, p. 29-30)

The "Integrated Forest Fire Management Project" is a bilateral technical cooperation project between the governments of Indonesia and Germany. The project is administered by the Ministry of Forestry (MoF) of Indonesia through the forest authorities in the Province of East Kalimantan (Kanwil and Dinas Kehutanan) and assisted by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ). It is scheduled for a period of six years. The first three-year pilot-phase began in April 1994. The second three-year phase as well as a financial grant will be negotiated in 1996 and executed in 1997.

The Forest Fire Problem in Borneo:
For more than two decades the island of Borneo has had a serious forest fire problem. In 1982/83 the largest forest fire of the century burned for several months through Kalimantan and Malaysia, affecting more than 5 million ha of forests. In 1987, 1991 and 1994 forest fires covered Indonesia and the neighbouring countries of Malaysia and Singapore with smoky haze. Most fires are caused by or related to human activities:

    • The removal of primary forest and the dryer residual secondary vegetation make the forest area more prone to fire.
    • Fire ignited by farmers using traditional slash and burn agriculture methods escape control due to lack of knowledge of fire control methods.
    • Agricultural use and forestry plantations have left the forest areas more susceptible to fires.
    • Increase of Alang-Alang grass (Imperata cylindrica) in disturbed areas raises fire susceptibility.

Some natural factors have a strong influence on fire risk:

    • Normally, Kalimantan has a low-precipitation period from July to October. Every five to six years, drought periods occur as a result of an El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event.
    • East Kalimantan has coal seams, that reach the surface in the forest regions. They are concentrated in the area of Bukit Soeharto National Park. Some of the coal seams have been burning for many years, and others since the last major fires. Many of the coal seam fires cannot be extinguished using practical methods but will require continued monitoring to prevent them from igniting the surrounding forest.

Consequences of Forest Fires:
Apart from the ecological damage which is very significant but difficult to quantify, the economic loss is considerable. It is estimated that damage of more than US$ 50 million a year occur to the forest plus a loss of 2 million m3 of timber. Additionally, the smoke adversely affects health and impedes aircraft movement and shipping throughout Southeast Asia.

History of the IFFM Project:
Following the 1991 forest fires and an extended smog situation all over SE Asia, the Federal Republic of Germany responded to a request for assistance by the Indonesian government. In June 1992 the National Planning Agency of Indonesia (Bappenas), assisted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), held an International Workshop on Long-Term Integrated Forest Fire Management in Bandung (more details about the Bandung Workshop: see January 1993 issue of IFFN). At this workshop, the core problem identified was that no sufficiently developed fire management system existed in Indonesia. A national Long-term Integrated Forest Fire Management System (IFFM) was proposed. The IFFM project, based on this workshop, began in 1994. It is a pilot project situated in the Bukit Soeharto area of East Kalimantan.

Integrated Fire Management is based on prevention, detection/presuppression, suppression, and application of prescribed or controlled burning. Uncontrolled wildfires are reduced by launching prevention campaigns for the public, rural villages and logging areas. Fire prevention also includes incentives and enforceable laws. In the project area fires are not only detected by observation towers manned during the high risk seasons and by mobile fire patrols. Additionally, a satellite receiving station will be established in Samarinda in 1996; it will show "hot spots" on a map covering all of the East Kalimantan Province.

Presuppression measures embrace infrastructure, logistics and preparedness in the event of a fire incident (e.g. maps, water supply stations, trained fire fighting units, etc.). Suppression is all of the activities used to extinguish or limit unwanted fire. Training will be furnished for government personnel as well as village volunteers. Controlled burning techniques will be introduced to reduce the escape of agricultural fires. Rural people frequently use fire in their agricultural activities. When uncontrolled, these fires can spread into and damage vast areas of lands. Controlled burning techniques include firebreak establishment, prescribed fires, and trained firefighters who can control the spread of fires.

IFFM Objectives and Results: The main objective is to establish an operational Integrated Fire Management System in the pilot region. The expected results are:

    • The necessary infrastructure for the IFFM system is operative.
    • An operative organization for the implementation of the IFFM system is implemented with participation by local government and PUSDAL (Provincial emergency committee).
    • The fire management centre personnel, the advisory services and the mobile fire management teams are in a position to carry out their task.
    • Within and around the Bukit-Soeharto region, the local populations, companies, and contractors cooperate with the IFFM system
    • Post-phase I IFFM activities in East-Kalimantan are prepared.
    • The internal project management is operational.
    • The mechanisms of dialogue among participating organisations are established.

Implementation of IFFM:
IFFM is an Indonesian project with outside assistance. IFFM will be integrated into the Indonesian administrative system, aimed at developing a sustainable fire management organisation in cooperation with Kanwil and Dinas Kehutanan in East Kalimantan. The executing agency (field level) is Dinas, and the lead counterpart agency for GTZ is the Ministry of Forestry, Directorate of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, represented by Kanwil Kehutanan at the Provincial level. The people living in and around the park will be integrated into the IFFM system. The project also seeks close cooperation with other related projects (ITTO, FAO, GTZ and EU).

The Provincial Fire Management Center is located in Samarinda, with a district fire management office in the Bukit-Soeharto area. Four additional district fire management centres will be set up in Phase II (1997-2000). They will serve as an example for all of East Kalimantan as well as other forest fire prone areas throughout Indonesia.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Challenge Stage

Banjarmasin (December 6). The final series of the off-road adventure event of Diplomat Challenge of Indonesia (DCI) 2005 that is sponsored by Wismilak Diplomat with the target to conquer the Land of Kalimantan is going to be held on the next of December 8. The start will take from Banjarmasin City in South Kalimantan. The event that is going to spend the longest time and to pass the furthest distance on the off-road history in Indonesia is scheduled to finish in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) on December 18 after passing by Palangkaraya (Middle Kalimantan) and Muarateweh.

“The total route that will be gone trough as far as 1.160 km. Less and more than 650 km of the route is kind of hard field and the remain is the soiled road which is also going to be muddy in the rainy season. In short, the chosen route at this time will give more different nuance for the off-roaders than various events that have ever been followed by them. We will combine the road line by categorizing it from the medium up to the hard obstacle,” explained by Syamsir Alam, the Operation Director of DCI 2005.

The hard of this competition field of DCI which is projected to be the international event calendar, was also figured out by Yuma Wiranatakusumah as the Event Director of DCI who was joined the final survey team with Syamsir Alam “The main enemy of the off-roaders here are the mud and the water flow. On this vent will be visible the using sets of equipment like the precise tire will be very helpful. In addition, the skill of driving will be really tested, eventhough on the route which is counted as the country road,” said by him.

Even that is organized under the name of IOF (Indonesian Off-road Federation) as well as fully supported by Tourism and Culture Department of Republic of Indonesia, will be participated by 50 cars of participants. Besides, there is still the spectator category consists of 11 cars and 7 motorcycles kind of Enduro. From the total number, three off-roaders among them are foreign competitor. They are Chai Mui Shin and Loo Fu Siong, both of them are coming from Malaysia. The other foreign participant is Christopher Hummer, the famous off-roader coming from Australia.

“The total number of 50 participants is the top off-roaders selected until October 10 ago. Actually, there are still tens of participant candidates who become the waiting list. Because of 50 cars following the competition has been maximal in number and we want to keep the quality of this event,” commenced Hendrik Badu, the Competition Manager of DCI 2005.

The series of DCI 2005 event has already begun in three cities to filter the off-road winners from various areas in Indonesia. The first series or the First Road to DCI 2005 was held in Jogyakarta City on May 20 – 22 ago and it produced three champions, they are Budi Hartoyo, Handy Kiatarto and Gunawan Wibisono. On the other hand, the Second Road to DCI was held in Makassar City, South Sulawesi which produced the best three of the off-roaders, they are A.G Joko Eddi, Ahyar Mustamir and Iswandhy. The last city as the Third Road DCI was held in Malang, East Java. From this event appeared three candidates, they are Sarwono Putro, M. Harjanto and Kresno Pranoto.

Based on Justinus Sjahlim’s opinion, the Chairman of DCI 2005, the implementation of Road to DCI in those three cities, was not only to select the best nine candidates of the off-roaders but also as the process of adaptation toward the primary event. “The quality of the implementation and the field that are going to take along the primary event of DCI 2005 has been well known as hard and extreme. Therefore, the socialization to the off-roaders is much needed. For instances, the socialization about the regulation and the scrutinizing process. The competitor candidates on DCI have had to understand well so that they are more prepared. So has about the field that will be gone trough, it needs high endurance, the car and the person,” told by him.

The Wismilak Diplomat party as the sponsor of this event did also not want to miss to make various preparations, technically as well as the supporting sets of equipment. “Right now, DCI is the most prestigious and qualified event in Indonesia so it is normal if it is projected as international event like Rain Forest Challenge (RFC) in Malaysia. Therefore, the Gelora Djaja party as the sponsor will try maximally to give support so that this event is as well as going to be the tourism ambassador in international world based on what is proclaimed by the event organizer from the early of this event,” explained by Stefanus H. Kusumo, PR and Event Manager of PT. Gelora Djaja.

A few weeks toward the implementation of the primary event, Wismilak Diplomat held special training of rescue and FMR (first medical responder) for all committee and supporting team. “We face with the opened nature that is unpredictable and having potency to invite danger to all participants. By means of this rescue training, we hope to be able to minimize the danger if it going to be happened along this event,” said by Stefanus.

In addition, the organizer also gives special attention to the media. For the first time on the automotive event in Indonesia, sets of communication system will be supported by satellite telephone network of Byru Otosat. On the other hand, for the consumption of printed mass media and electronic mass media like news and photos from the jungle of Kalimantan, Byru Otosat will be accompanied by G-Wave system. Even the G-Wave party will also open the portable telecommunication shop along this event that can be used by all of the off-roaders.

“Besides tsunami disaster in Aceh, only this event can get fully support from us. The collaborative result among DCI and Byru Otosat as long as the event of DCI 2004 ago until now is very positive for the two parties. This will motivate us to keep supporting the communication system like satellite telephone set in most of the committee’s cars,” explained by Hilman A. Rasjid, the Marketing Director of PT. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara as the operator of Byru Otosat.

The activity of the primary event of DCI itself has already been begun on Monday. The activity on December 5 is like scrutinizing (checking) process of the participants’ cars, service cars and the committee’s cars on the yard of Istana Barito Hotel, Banjarmasin. This scrutinizing (checking) process is scheduled to finish on Wednesday, December 7. Mean while, the process of start is scheduled on Thursday, December 8 on the yard of Governor Building of South Kalimantan, after that the event will continue to move to Palangkaraya.

Although almost of DCI event will pass the jungle, hill and valley, but the event organizer has already allocated an interesting show of fighting attraction among the off-roaders to the public which will be created in the shape of SCS (Special Competition Stage). All of special tracks has 12 SCS, each two SCS’ will be held in Cikik Riwut, 1 SCS in Jakatan Pari, 2 SCS’ in the side of Bakanon River, 2 SCS’ in Muara Teweh, 3 SCS’ in Bukit Bangkirai, Sepaku and 2 SCS’ Balikpapan.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

North Penajam Paser regency aims to become agribusiness hub

Nurni Sulaiman , The Jakarta Post , North Penajam Paser | Mon, 09/08/2008 10:55 AM | The Archipelago

North Penajam Paser, bordering Paser regency and the city of Balikpapan, is still in its infancy compared to 13 other regencies in East Kalimantan, excluding Tana Tidung.

Gaining autonomy status from Paser on April 10, 2002, it became the province's 13th regency, encompassing four districts -- Penajam, Waru, Babulu and Sepaku -- and 47 villages.

Since July 30, it has been led by Regent Andi Harahap and Vice Regent Mustaqim M.Z., who have been committed to improving a community-based economy in order to transform their jurisdiction into an agribusiness hub for East Kalimantan.

As part of their community-based approach, the regency administration has assisted farmers for the past four years, including providing 8,000 hectares to residents in 2004 for oil palm cultivation.

The regency is also concentrating on cultivating a range of crops grown in irrigated as well as dry farmland, achieving self-sufficiency with respect to rice and food production since 2006, thanks to a suitable climate and fertile soil.

"A majority of the people in North Penajam Paser make a living as farmers. We will revitalize the agricultural sector as sustainable so as to create jobs to spur economic growth. We plan to develop the regency into a community-based agribusiness center," Mustaqim told The Jakarta Post at his office recently.

North Penajam Paser, spanning 3,333 square kilometers, comprises nearly 302,740 hectares of dry farmland and 30,563 ha of irrigated farmland spread across four districts.

Of those, some 11,550 ha yielded around 50,400 tons of unhusked rice -- equivalent to 37,800 tons of processed rice -- during the 2004 planting season.

As of August 2007, the regency's population was around 131,000 with a total rice demand of 14,556 tons, leaving it with a surplus of 23,244 tons stockpiled at the local logistics agency.

Rice distribution at the farm level, however, has not been well managed thus far, as most farmers sell their harvests directly to local markets and middlemen from Banjarmasin at low prices.

Mustaqim promises to address the issue.

"North Penajam Paser is located along the main Trans-Kalimantan highway connecting many cities. We will capitalize on its strategic position to improve crop distribution. Not only will we become a regional food production center, but I'm positive we can become a national food production center if we optimize the vast potential farmland available," Mustaqim said.

Among the commodities currently being developed are rice, maize, soybean, chili, rambutan, pepper, durian and banana, in addition to prime potentials such as melon, watermelon and vegetables.

The regency is also home to a unique and aromatic fruit called wanyi, not found in other areas.

The North Penajam Paser administration has embarked on a sustainable program of distributing 2,000 hectares of farmland to farmers. Yields from oil palm, its prime commodity, reached 85,000 tons as of early this year.

"We will continue what we have achieved so far in the agricultural sector and keep on improving. We also intend to assist farmers by providing crop seedlings, egg-laying chickens and ducks as well as fish hatchlings. The main thing is that we will concentrate on community-based economic activities," Mustaqim said.

North Penajam Paser has set more than Rp 52 billion (US$5.59 million) for agriculture sector out of its 2008 budget of some Rp 1 trillion.

Head of the Regional Development Planning Board, Ibrahim, said Rp 22 billion is earmarked for agriculture and animal husbandry, Rp 25 billion for forestry and plantation, and Rp 5 billion for the commnity empowerment national program.

Its 2007 regional generated income and balanced funds stood at Rp 56 billion (approximately US$6.2 million) and Rp 450 billion, respectively, the largest portion of which came from tax and tariffs -- thanks, in part, to a ferry linking Balikpapan and other cities in Kalimantan.

The main highway traversing the regency -- part of the Trans-Kalimantan highway -- is bustling with traffic from Samarinda and Balikpapan heading to Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan and Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan.

The coastal area in Penajam district has great potential to become an integrated agricultural center, owing to its tourist attractions, including the Tanjung Jumlai beach and the Gugusan Pasir Gusung resort.

"With the Rice Agribusiness Central Program, we will optimize available wasteland for the benefit of the community by working together with the local logistics agency, PT PKT and Mulawarman University in Samarinda. The program serves as a pilot project for land utility focusing on East Kalimantan," Mustaqim added.

To intensify productivity of agricultural methods and harvests as well as rice processing, North Penajam Paser is working with the provincial logistics agency to establish a rice mill equipped with a dryer. The mill is located in Babulu district's La Bangka village with a processing capacity of two tons per hour.

Aside from the agricultural and plantation sectors, the regency is also potentially rich in the forestry, fishery, livestock, oil and gas and tourism sectors, including Jumlai Beach, Kwangan Island and the deer breeding ground in Waru district.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Google Chrome: The Newest Broser

How many browser that once you with? Internet Explorer, Netschape, or Firefox? Evidently Google does not want to lose also. As the successful newcomer compete, in fact to tren main in the world, Google launch browser him that is given by the Google Chrome name. Although still my version, but according to this technology blog, Google Chrome get 3% the user of the internet.

This is higher compared with the Opera. Moreover do not be far is compared by the user Safary, as browser Apple. According to this technology blog, Google Chrome will become browser that the growth of his use is highest is compared that is other. He explained you the ray tries personally. To get Google Chrome, you could download here.

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East Kalimantan For Nature

East Kalimantan Province contatins some of the last remaining large, intact wilderness areas in Indonesia. Primal rain forests, limestone spires and huge tracts of undisturbed mangroves and seagrass beds all converge here.

East Kalimantan Province is on the island of Borneo. To see a map, click here

Flora and Fauna
Over 80 tree species that occur in the Berau District are listed as threatened by The World Conservation Union (IUCN). The adjacent waters of Berau Bay, which is part of the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea is part of an important migration route for marine mammals. Threatened and/or endangered animal species in the district include:

* Orangutans
* Proboscis monkeys
* Sun bears
* Gibbons
* Banteng (wild cattle)
* Hawksbill turtles
* Leaf monkeys


* Bornean peacock pheasants
* Storm's storks

Coral reefs
The Berau Barrier Reef is considered one of the most important marine sites in all of Indonesia and lies just 37 miles (60 kilometers) off the peninsula. This reef harbors as many as 70 genera of coral and is also a key source of coral larvae for reefs as far away as Taiwan and Okinawa. Indonesia's largest rookery for the endangered green turtle is located here. Endangered hawksbill turtles also nest in the area.

Why the Conservancy Works Here
The Nature Conservancy is focused on working in areas outside of those that are formally protected in East Kalimantan. Vast amounts of biological wealth are centered in these areas, but they have no protection status under Indonesian law and are under critical threat.

What the Conservancy is Doing
In East Kalimantan, the Conservancy and its partners are taking a comprehensive ridges to reefs approach to conservation. Given Indonesia's dependence on natural resources for economic development and the recent decentralization of government, the Conservancy believes that protecting important habitat through creation of new national parks or nature reserves is not a feasible option in the near future. Instead, the Conservancy is using a targeted approach to conserve important areas identified through ecorgional assessments.

By facilitating the development and implementation of a locally derived conservation plan the Conservancy hopes it will create the incentives necessary to gain support of communities, industry and the local government.

One focus of the Conservancy's efforts in East Kalimantan has been on sustaining forest habitats. Scientists believe that the Province's Kelay River watershed is home to over 10 percent of the world's remaining wild orangutan population. Due to its dependency on the three focus forest types, the orangutan has been identified as a "flagship species." Successful protection of orangutan habitat will also be a measure of success in the area's conservation at a larger scale.
Source: Nature

Say Good Bye to Baldness

When the amount of hair that falls, that will have potential to cause baldness. This can happen to anyone, both the man and the woman, but this phenomenon is more often experienced by the men. Baldness is begun from wiping him the hair follicle to the sheet becomes thin and shorter. Finally the follicle only takes the form of the miniature and does not have the sheet of hair. Provillus offers recuperation this hair falls.

The cause of Baldness:

  1. Stress. This condition can strike anyone, the work pressure or the problem of the household can then trigger the stress emergence. If being not handled, then can trigger hair fall even baldness. Moreover have the case where someone who experiences difficult depression, pulls out his hair personally.
  2. The age. The age increase also brings the change in the body. Through the age 50 years, the hair follicle no longer is effective until the growth of hair becomes slower. His difference to the woman, available oil will on the scalp continue to be circulated as far as the tip of the sheet of hair so as to be able to continue to grow, whereas to this oil man precisely in the hair starting point until closing head pores. As a result hair that falls could no longer grow because closed.
  3. The illness. The illness like Lupus and several illnesses autoimune as well as radiation therapy or chemotherapy, can cause fall temporary even permanent hair.
  4. The hormone. The man has the hormone adrogen am abundant, for example testosterone. This hormone if breaking out will become Dihydrotestosteron (DHT) that trigger the oil emergence as far as DHT can absorb to the hair follicle. Here the reaction of chemistry happen until the hair follicle shrinks and hair shrinks until achieving the small diameter.

Overcome Hair Falls

If hair falls that cause the baldness to be resulted in by malnutrition, still can be improved with consume and vegetables that just like vitamin A, B and C, as well as calcium like green vegetables, the legume, the citrus fruit, yogurt, tofu, the soybean, pawpaws, tomatoes and seafood. Likewise fall resulting from stress, you are kept looking for the method of overcoming him. However when fall as a result of by the hormone, his case will be complicated. FDA (the US bureau of the supervision of food and medicine) permit only permit minoxidil and finasteride to overcome baldness. Provillus only contains this substance. So please with Provillus immediately.

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