Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kutai National Park Ecotourism Destination

A. Overview

Kutai National Park (TNK) is one of the mainstay tourism in East Kalimantan. TNK whole wide area is approximately 198,629 hectares. In addition to the tour as a natural event, TNK also can be used as research activities, perkemahaman, education and nature. TNK is a third national park in the land of water used as a rehabilitation center orangutans.

TNK quite hilly area and surging between heavy and light with a height of 0-398 m dpl. There are 60 units with mountain hill T42 as the most high, the range of ± 398 m dpl.
TNK has a tropical climate with an average annual rainfall ranges from 1543 mm per year, with the air temperature ranges between 27 ° -33 ° C. With such conditions, in a visit which is considered the best months are April to October each year.

B. Specialties

TNK distinction lies in the existence of various types vagetasi main, the coastal forest vegetation / mangrove, freshwater swamp forests, forest kerangas, pool lowland forest, forest Ulin / Meranti / lime, forest and mix. In addition, TNK also has some plants, such as mangroves, tancang, sea pine, simpur, Meranti, benuang, lime, Ulin, raflesia flowers, orchids and various types of forest. TNK also has a diversity of animals, such as orangutans, owa Kalimantan, bekantan, long tail monkeys, beruk, and lemur.

There are several natural tourist activities offered in this area TNK, namely:
1. Kaba Bay Estuary and Sangkimah, in the form of tourism and maritime observation animals, such as orangutans, sambar deer, kanci, birds, honey bears, and bekantan.
2. Lombok Bay and River Estuary Sangata, in the form of tourism and maritime observation mangrove forests that are still intact.
3. Prevab Mentoko, in the form of observation and research animals, such as orangutans, honey bears, clever individual, boast deer, and wild pigs.
4. Lobang Wind Cave, a cave tour.

Some plants in the national parks, such as mangrove (Rhizophora sp.), Tancang (Bruguiera sp.), Sea pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), simpur (Dillenia sp.), Meranti (Shorea sp.), Benuang (Octomeles sumatrana), calcium (Dryobalanops sp.), Ulin (Eusideroxylon zwageri), 3 types of raflesia and various types of orchids.

Ulin tree (Eusideroxylon zwageri) that are in high Sangkimah have free branch 45 m, diameter of 225 cm or 706 cm trunk circumference and volume 150 m3. This tree was a tree and the highest in Indonesia.

C. Location

TNK region located in the four administrative districts, namely North District Bontang, Bontang District, South District of Muara Badak, District Marang Kayu, East Kutai regency, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

You can travel through the land. The distance from the Bontang Samarinda is 120 km with a time of the 2.5 hours. Or can also go from Balikpapan Bontang with the distance of 240 km or 4.5 hours of the time. From Bontang, and then travel to the Gulf of Bala proceed with the speed boat which takes about 30 minutes.

E. Accommodation and Other Facilities

TNK in the area there are lodging (hostel) that can be enjoyed by the visitors. In addition, TNK also has a number of other important facilities, such as earth camp, speed boat or ship, research facilities, and so forth.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belimbur in Kutai Lama

Belimbur or siram-water splash of water on top of the closure in 2008 Erau not only happen in the city of Tenggarong only. In Kutai Lama, District Anggana atmosphere Belimbur also no less exciting.

Siram-water splash of water on the mainland Kutai Lama began a procession took place after the draw Naga began. Meanwhile, in the Mahakam Delta, the water war has happened before Naga Trenggalek arrived in Kutai Lama.

Obviously, boisterous atmosphere full of joy Belimbur coloring the way in the area of Kutai Lama who had been the first capital of the Kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara start 13th century to the 17th century that.

Kutai Lama in the mainland, people know each other by using the flush water hose, bucket, scoop-bag to a plastic bag. Who are passing, certainly diguyur water Mahakam.

Exclaim him not to lose is the 'water war' going on in the Mahakam Delta. Dozens of small boats to motor boats belonging to citizens involved in the District Anggana 'battle' fierce.

Almost all the motor boats that pack the Mahakam is using sprayer with water pressure strong enough. Each meet one another, they each inject water Mahakam.

Minister Told Secretary palace HAP Gondo Prawiro, Belimbur or mutual siram water mensucikan have meaning for themselves from the influence of the evil-perngaruh often take someone away.

"Not only to men, but also to its surrounding environment so that the net effect of the evil and avoided all sorts of dangers," he said.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Panji Sukarame reservoir that is favourite by Local Tourists

Despite less than Pamor recreation center or the Museum Island Kumala Mulawarman, natural area tourism Sukarame Panji Reservoir, located about 3 km from the city center still seem Tenggarong the tourists are local or traveler's major cities in East Kalimantan.
Especially on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays, the area is no longer a reservoir for the irrigation work is always just visited tourist or group of young-mudi from out of town like Samarinda, Balikpapan, Bontang and other cities.
To enter the Reservoir Panji Sukarame charged entrance ticket is Rp 500 per person both adults and children. Then the traveler can walk around this area, to see a collection of orchid plants or relaxing sit-sit under shady trees while enjoying the atmosphere of the forest and cool down.
"Many also come here just to relax berombongan lunch as the entourage from Bontang," said Amat, one of the officials counter Reservoir Panji Sukarame, while pointing towards the current group of holiday-eat food under the trees. Entourage consisting of about 40 people appear to enjoy oneself with food that they carry themselves.
According Amat, usually from outside the tourist town is the new Reservoir Panji Sukarame after trips to the Museum of Wood that is located not far from the reservoir or after visiting the Museum Mulawarman.
Disinggung level visits to the Panji Sukarame Reservoir during holiday wordiness few days, Amat said that on the second day wordiness visited quite busy. Then on the third and fourth day yesterday (28/11) is quite quiet and start again on the busy day. "Possibly tomorrow Sunday also crowded, and usually have entertainment band in the house to eat it," Amat said while pointing a two-floor building, located on the slopes this reservoir edge.
Meanwhile, one of the holiday home Samarinda regret condition Reservoir Panji Sukarame that seemed slipshod. "Local government should also pay attention Lobar this reservoir area, try to see a lot of grass or wild plants, cover the surface reservoir. If given the game and then cleaned the water bicycle, may be more tourists who come here," said Lukman, Sempaja citizens, Samarinda.
Family holiday, indeed, there is truth, almost 70% of the surface reservoirs consist only rerumputan and wild plants that grow with fertile. The same can also be seen around the ship Kartanegara, crops appear wild mushrooming around the historic ship the Queen of the Netherlands to the Sultan of Kutai.
According to Lukman that come with 3 friends of this person, if Reservoir Panji Sukarame didandani or up again, do not close the possibility of this area is also potential in up PAD Lobar's tourism sector. "Do not just Kumala Island is only a built-ahead," he said so. How Lobar Tourism Office?

Visit the Museum in the Wood Tuah Himba Tenggarong

The traveler or tourist visit to the 'City of the King' Tenggarong have many options to spend the holidays with family. One of them is to visit the Museum of Wood "Himba Tuah" which is located in the Reservoir area of Panji Sukarame or about 3 km from the center of Tenggarong.
With a visit to the Museum of Wood Tuah Himba, traveler can add insight or knowledge to see the kind of rich collection relating to forestry. Rich collection presented collections are dry leaves (herbarium), collection of seeds, collection or discount log trees that grow on the island of Kalimantan, tools wood processing, kitchenware and traditional furniture I made Kalimantan's forest products.
In addition to showing the results of the forest, the main attraction is the Museum of Wood Tuah Himba siphon attention holiday collections are generally two tails' monster 'crocodile that has been preserved. The two tails estuary crocodile (Crocodelus porosus) has Kaltim public stir in 1996 because it was memangsa two men in two separate places namely Sangatta (East Kutai regency) and Muara Badak (Lobar) difference in time is only one month.
The two were killed after a crocodile is a snippet of the body to remove the victims left behind in the stomach, and then preserved in the Museum displayed for Wood Tuah Himba. Anyone who saw the crocodile be put in the window glass will bergidik imagine if a crocodile body 2-3 times the human body is really alive.
Farming first arrested on 8 March 1996 in the river Kenyamukan, Sangatta District (at that time still go before the region of the Kutai regency) memangsa after a woman called Ny Hairani (35). Farming male aged about 70 years with the male sex has a length of about 6.6 meters, weight 350 kg and 1.8 meters in circumference stomach.
While the crocodile with both female sex memangsa a man named Baddu (40) in Tanjung Limau, Muara Badak District (District Lobar) successfully arrested on 10 April 1996. Farming has a 5.5 meter long, 200 kg weight deng circle about 1 meter stomach.
For complete information about the two crocodiles that have been preserved this, the museum also memajang newspaper clipping that contains news about the crocodile that egregious human memangsa, including news tertangkapnya this crocodile crocodile diviner by a very experienced in Kutai.
With the entry ticket is only Rp 500 per person for both adults and children, the traveler can enter the Museum of Wood Tuah Himba to see a collection of forestry and two crocodiles that have been preserved it. Wood Museum is open every day except Monday.
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