Friday, January 2, 2009

Panji Sukarame reservoir that is favourite by Local Tourists

Despite less than Pamor recreation center or the Museum Island Kumala Mulawarman, natural area tourism Sukarame Panji Reservoir, located about 3 km from the city center still seem Tenggarong the tourists are local or traveler's major cities in East Kalimantan.
Especially on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays, the area is no longer a reservoir for the irrigation work is always just visited tourist or group of young-mudi from out of town like Samarinda, Balikpapan, Bontang and other cities.
To enter the Reservoir Panji Sukarame charged entrance ticket is Rp 500 per person both adults and children. Then the traveler can walk around this area, to see a collection of orchid plants or relaxing sit-sit under shady trees while enjoying the atmosphere of the forest and cool down.
"Many also come here just to relax berombongan lunch as the entourage from Bontang," said Amat, one of the officials counter Reservoir Panji Sukarame, while pointing towards the current group of holiday-eat food under the trees. Entourage consisting of about 40 people appear to enjoy oneself with food that they carry themselves.
According Amat, usually from outside the tourist town is the new Reservoir Panji Sukarame after trips to the Museum of Wood that is located not far from the reservoir or after visiting the Museum Mulawarman.
Disinggung level visits to the Panji Sukarame Reservoir during holiday wordiness few days, Amat said that on the second day wordiness visited quite busy. Then on the third and fourth day yesterday (28/11) is quite quiet and start again on the busy day. "Possibly tomorrow Sunday also crowded, and usually have entertainment band in the house to eat it," Amat said while pointing a two-floor building, located on the slopes this reservoir edge.
Meanwhile, one of the holiday home Samarinda regret condition Reservoir Panji Sukarame that seemed slipshod. "Local government should also pay attention Lobar this reservoir area, try to see a lot of grass or wild plants, cover the surface reservoir. If given the game and then cleaned the water bicycle, may be more tourists who come here," said Lukman, Sempaja citizens, Samarinda.
Family holiday, indeed, there is truth, almost 70% of the surface reservoirs consist only rerumputan and wild plants that grow with fertile. The same can also be seen around the ship Kartanegara, crops appear wild mushrooming around the historic ship the Queen of the Netherlands to the Sultan of Kutai.
According to Lukman that come with 3 friends of this person, if Reservoir Panji Sukarame didandani or up again, do not close the possibility of this area is also potential in up PAD Lobar's tourism sector. "Do not just Kumala Island is only a built-ahead," he said so. How Lobar Tourism Office?

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