Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belimbur in Kutai Lama

Belimbur or siram-water splash of water on top of the closure in 2008 Erau not only happen in the city of Tenggarong only. In Kutai Lama, District Anggana atmosphere Belimbur also no less exciting.

Siram-water splash of water on the mainland Kutai Lama began a procession took place after the draw Naga began. Meanwhile, in the Mahakam Delta, the water war has happened before Naga Trenggalek arrived in Kutai Lama.

Obviously, boisterous atmosphere full of joy Belimbur coloring the way in the area of Kutai Lama who had been the first capital of the Kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara start 13th century to the 17th century that.

Kutai Lama in the mainland, people know each other by using the flush water hose, bucket, scoop-bag to a plastic bag. Who are passing, certainly diguyur water Mahakam.

Exclaim him not to lose is the 'water war' going on in the Mahakam Delta. Dozens of small boats to motor boats belonging to citizens involved in the District Anggana 'battle' fierce.

Almost all the motor boats that pack the Mahakam is using sprayer with water pressure strong enough. Each meet one another, they each inject water Mahakam.

Minister Told Secretary palace HAP Gondo Prawiro, Belimbur or mutual siram water mensucikan have meaning for themselves from the influence of the evil-perngaruh often take someone away.

"Not only to men, but also to its surrounding environment so that the net effect of the evil and avoided all sorts of dangers," he said.

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