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Throughout the History of Kutai Sultanate

Judging from the ancient history of Indonesia, Kutai is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the discovery of 7 pieces written inscription above yupa (stone monument) which was written in Sanskrit by using letters Pallawa. Based on paleografinya, the text dated from the 5th century AD.

From the inscriptions it can be discovered the existence of a kingdom under the leadership of the King Mulawarman, son of King Aswawarman, grandson of Maharaja Kudungga. Kingdom is governed by this Mulawarman named Martadipura Kutai, located across town Muara Kaman.

In the early 13th century, there stood a new kingdom in Tepian Stone or Kutai Lama named Kingdom Kukar with the first king, Aji Batara Agung Dewa Sakti (1300-1325).

With the two kingdoms in the Mahakam River area is certainly cause friction between the two. In the 16th century there was a war between the two kingdoms of this Kutai. Kukar kingdom under the king, Prince Aji Sinum Bannerman finally conquered Mendapa Kutai Martadipura. The king then called the kingdom into the kingdom Kukar Martadipura Ing.

In the 17th century Islam has been well received by the Kingdom Kukar. Furthermore many Islamic names are finally used in the names of the king and the royal family Kukar. The title was replaced by the king with the title Sultan. Sultan who first used the name of Islam is the Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris (1735-1778).

In 1732, the capital of the Kingdom Kukar moved from Kutai Lama Pemarangan.
Displacement Kukar capital of the Kingdom of Kutai Lama (1300-1732) to Pemarangan (1732-1782) later moved to Tenggarong (1782-present).

Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris, who is the daughter of the Sultan Wajo go to the ground Lamaddukelleng Wajo, South Sulawesi to take part in fighting against the Company with the Bugis people. Government of Kutai Kartanegara temporarily held by the Trustee Council.

In the year 1739, Sultan A.M. Idris was killed on the battlefield. After the death of Sultan Idris, there was the struggle for the throne by Aji Kado. Aji royal crown prince who then Imbut little later rushed to Wajo. Gift Aji later inaugurated his name as Sultan Kukar by using the title of Sultan Aji Muhammad Aliyeddin.

As an adult, Aji Imbut as the Shah's crown prince of the Empire Kukar Kutai back to the ground. By the Bugis and courtiers loyal to the late Sultan Idris, Aji Imbut Sultan was crowned with the title Kukar Sultan Aji Muhammad Muslihuddin. Muslihuddin Sultan coronation was held at Mangkujenang (Samarinda Seberang). Since it began the fight against Aji Kado.

Resistance took place with a strict embargo strategy by Mangkujenang against Pemarangan. Sulu pirate fleet was involved in this resistance by attacking and hijacking against Pemarangan. In 1778, Aji VOC Gift for help but can not be met.

In the year 1780, Aji Imbut successfully recapture the capital and Pemarangan officially crowned as the sultan with the title of Sultan Aji Muhammad in court Muslihuddin Kukar Sultanate. Gift Aji executed and buried on the island of Jembayan.

Imbut Aji Aji Mohammed Sultan Muslihuddin moved the capital of Kutai Kartanegara to Tepian Pandan on September 28, 1782. The move was done to eliminate the influence of the bitter memories of the reign and the Kado Aji Pemarangan deemed to have lost tuahnya. Pandan Tepian name later changed into a means tourist Appliances House King, over time more popular tourist Appliances called Tenggarong and survive until now.

In the year 1838, Kukar Empire led by Sultan Aji Muhammad Aji Imbut Salehuddin after his death that year.

In 1844, merchant ships 2 James Erskine Murray's leadership of British waters entering Tenggarong. Murray came to the Kutai and ask to trade the land to establish a trade post and the exclusive rights to run the steamer in the waters of the Mahakam. But Sultan A.M. Salehuddin allow Murray to trade only in Samarinda region alone. Murray is not satisfied with the offer of this Sultan. After a few days in the waters Tenggarong, Murray fired a cannon towards the palace and returned by the troops Kutai kingdom. The battle was inevitable. Murray led the fleet was defeated and fled toward the open sea. Five people were injured and three people died from the fleet Murray, and Murray himself, were among those killed.

Tenggarong incident in this battle to the British side. England actually going to do a counterattack against Kutai, but taken by the Dutch that the Kutai is one part of the Dutch East Indies and the Netherlands will solve these problems in his own way. Then the Dutch sent a fleet under the command t'Hooft with a full arsenal. Arriving in Tenggarong, t'Hooft fleet attacked the palace of Sultan Kutai. Sultan A.M. Salehuddin evacuated to the town Wake up. Kutai royal warlord, Awang Long title of Prince Senopati with his troops fought valiantly against the fleet to maintain the honor t'Hooft Kukar Kingdom. Awang Long died in battle are less balanced and Kukar Empire was defeated and surrendered in the Netherlands.

On October 11, 1844, Sultan A.M. Salehuddin must sign an agreement with the Dutch, who claimed that the Sultan recognized the Dutch East Indies government and obey the Dutch East Indies government in Borneo, represented by a resident who is domiciled in Banjarmasin.

Year 1846, H. von Dewall become civil administrator of the first Dutch on the east coast of Borneo. In 1850, Sultan A.M. Solomon held the reins of leadership of Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura.

In 1853, Dutch East Indies government puts J. Zwager as a Resident Assistant in Samarinda. At the time of political and economic power is still in the hands of Sultan PM Solomon (1850-1899).

In 1863, the kingdom back Kukar agreement with the Dutch. In the treaty was agreed that the Kingdom Kukar become part of the Government of the Netherlands East Indies.

Year 1888, the first coal mines opened in the Kutai Stone Panggal by mining engineer from the Netherlands, JH Menten. Menten also laid the foundation for the first oil exploitation in the Kutai region. Kutai region's prosperity seems more real even making Kukar Sultanate became very popular in those days. Pengeksloitasian royalties on natural resources in Kutai given to Sultan Sulaiman.

In 1899, Sultan Suleiman the son dies and is succeeded by his crown Aji Mohammed Sultan Aji Muhammad Alimuddin.

In 1907, the first Catholic mission was established in Laham. A year later, the upper Mahakam region was submitted to the Netherlands with compensation for 12,990 Gulden per year to the Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara.

Sultan Alimuddin reigns only over a period of 11 years, he died in 1910. Because at that time Aji crown prince was still immature Startled, Sultanate rule Kukar then held by the Trusteeship Council, led by Prince Aji Mangkunegoro.

On November 14, 1920, was named Aji Shocked Kukar Sultan with the title of Sultan Aji Muhammad Parikshit.

Since the early 20th century, Kutai economy grew very rapidly as a result of incorporation of Borneo-Sumatra Trade Co.. In those years, the capital of Kutai gained steadily grown through the surplus generated each year. Until the year 1924, Kutai has a fund of 3,280,000 Gulden - a fantastic amount for that period.

In 1936, Sultan A.M. Parikshit build a magnificent new palace and made of solid concrete materials. Within one year, the palace was completed.

When the Japanese occupied the area of Kutai in 1942, the Sultan of Kutai must comply with the Tenno Heika, Emperor of Japan. Japan gave the Sultan an honorary degree by the name of the royal Koo Kooti.

Indonesian independence in 1945. Two years later, the Sultanate Kukar status entered into the Autonomous Region Federation of East Kalimantan together other areas such as the Sultanate of Bulungan, Sambaliung, and Sand Mountain Tabur by forming the Council of the Sultanate. Then on December 27, 1949 in the United States of Indonesia.

Autonomous Region Kutai changed into the Special Region of Kutai, which is an autonomous region / district-level special areas under the Emergency Act No.3 Th.1953.

In 1959, under Law No. 27 Year 1959 on "Areas Establishment Level II in Borneo", the area of Kutai Special Region is split into 3 Regional Level II, namely:
1. Second Level Region with the capital Tenggarong Kutai
2. The township's capital of Balikpapan Balikpapan
3. Township with capital Samarinda Samarinda

On January 20, 1960, located in the Governorates in Samarinda, APT Pranoto who served as governor of East Kalimantan, with the name of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia inaugurated the 3rd and took an oath to the three regional heads the autonomous regions, namely:
1. A.R. Regent Padmo as Level II Regional Head Kutai
2. Capt.. Soedjono as the Municipal Mayor of Samarinda
3. A.R. Sayid Mohammad as the Municipal Mayor of Balikpapan

A day later, on January 21, 1960 held at the Sultan Palace Hall of Kutai, Tenggarong Parliament Special Session Special Region Kutai. The core of this event is the handover of government from the Head Chief of the Special Region of Kutai, Sultan Aji Muhammad Raden Aji Parikshit to Padmo as Head of the Provincial Regent II Kutai, Captain Soedjono (Mayor Samarinda) and AR Sayid Mohammad (Mayor of Balikpapan). Government of Kutai Kartanegara under Sultan Aji Muhammad Parikshit ended, and he was living a commoner.

In 1999, Kukar Regent Drs. H. Syaukani HR, MM intends to revive the Sultanate Martadipura Kukar ing. The return of Kutai was not with the intention to revive feudalism in the region, but as an effort to preserve cultural heritage and history as a kingdom of Kutai in Indonesia's oldest. In addition, the Sultanate dihidupkannya Kukar tradition is to support the tourism sector of East Kalimantan in an effort to attract tourists and foreign tourists.

On 7 November 2000, Regent Kukar with Crown Kutai H. Prince Aji Praboe Adiningrat Soerja Anoem facing President Abdurrahman Wahid at the Bina Graha Jakarta to convey the above purpose. President Wahid agreed and approved the return of Kutai Kartanegara to the descendants of Sultan Kutai crown prince H. Prince Aji Praboe.

On September 22, 2001, Crown Prince of Kutai Kartanegara, H. Prince Aji Praboe Adiningrat Soerya Anoem crowned Emperor with the title Kukar Sultan H. Aji Muhammad Salehuddin II. Coronation H.A.P. Praboe as the new Sultan Kukar held on September 22, 2001.


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Sambaliung Get's A New Sultan After 49 Years

On the 19th of october 2009 Datu Fachruddin;the oldest surviving son of Sultan Mohammad Aminuddin of Sambaliung in East-Kalimantan;was installed as new sultan here.
The 66 year old sultan is one of the 17 children of the last ruling sultan of Sambaliung in the Berau district, who ruled as regent, sultan and later as areachief (of total Berau) from 1902 until his death in 1960.
The 4th son of the late sultan was for a long time the main representative of the dynasty.

Already 6 of his brothers and 9 of his sisters have died.
The last years he was quite busy with a project to make a forefather of him;called Raja Alam;a new National Hero of Indonesia.

This former ruler of Sambaliung between 1830-1834 and founder of a seperate Sambaliung,away from the Berau sultanate, was blamed to find no reason whatsoever to cooperate with Holland on any field and also working together with pirates, who made the area unsafe for international sea transport.

The new sultan is known as a friendly and humble person,who has time for everybody.
He didn't want to rush his installation as a new sultan,although it was clear for years, that he was the best candidate.
Now his patience is rewarded.

He is now, besides the sultan of Kutai Kartanegara;the 2nd sultan, who is installed.
He has taken however not yet the title of sultan, but pemangku adat(chief of the tradition).

Such royals with a similar title are also to be found in some other areas of East-Kalimantan like the nearby Gunung Tabur (the other area in Berau), Bulungan and the a bit more far lying Pasir, but these dignataries are not installed in such an official and elaborate way.

In Banjarmasin we only have a prince, which is chief of the dynastic organisation.

We all hope of course,that also this new king will be a source of identity for the local people.That this installation will really crrate a new feeling of compeleteness for everybody there.


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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dayak Paser Tribe in Balikpapan

Not good host must be a ruler, if left out. This sentence is inappropriate when associated with Paser the Dayak tribe is the tribal town of Balikpapan.

Their numbers in Balikpapan only 8.77% of the total population of Balikpapan numbering 601,392 inhabitants (2008). Even so, the tribe has incised Paser identity in naming "Balikpapan". In one version of the origins of the name of the town of Balikpapan, the word "Balikpapan" originally comes from the name of my grandfather and grandmother who lived along the bay of Balikpapan. Grandfather and grandmother's name was Kayun Kuleng and Sway Board. Descendants of that was eventually given the name Kuleng Board, which in the language of Sand, and KULENG means BOARDS THE BOARD means.

Although the tribe is often described as Dayak tribes who do not move the city of Balikpapan, cultural symbols Dayak still scattered in the city. Starting from motifs, statues, carvings, and Lamin (traditional house of Dayak) remained preserved in the city of Balikpapan. Special items are also used as a typical cendramata Balikpapan city, though, funny, sellers are mostly descendants cendramata Banjar and Java. In short, distinctive symbols Dayak tribe in Balikpapan remains a symbol, a translation (almost!) You can not get from the town of Balikpapan.

Entero Banuo Taka Title

Entero Benuo Taka Title meaningful Customary Chief and Supreme Commander of Dayak Paser Earth. Prior to the first award was established Central Secretariat of the Council of Indigenous and Indigenous Dayak Paser by Regent Penajam Paser Drs. H. Yusran was witnessed by Vice Governor, Head of Paser Indigenous and Indigenous Council Secretariat Borneo. In sambutanya Vice Governor conveyed his appreciation to the title given by the people because believed to be Paser Customary Chief and Supreme Commander of Dayak Paser the Earth. "On behalf of the East Kalimantan provincial government, personal and family, I thank you for my inauguration. This gift I received with joy, but behind it all, this trust is trust, "said Ngayoh. Because of the huge responsibility that, vice governor, said he needed the support of all communities in East Kalimantan Dayak Paser everywhere, especially in the District PPU. "So I have the responsibility for protecting and waistband carrying Paser Dayak community in general on the progress, kesejakteraan and glory will be manifested. So please support!, "Please Vice Governor. As a citizen of Indonesia, the Dayak Paser by Vice Governor also has the rights and obligations as other Indonesian citizens, either as in getting human rights, law and education. Accordingly, the Vice Governor expects Stempel and Indigenous Council Secretariat has been established that it must be used according to its function. "Make the Central Secretariat of Indigenous and Indigenous Council is in accordance with the purposes and functions, so that through this place we can come together and resolve all existing problems with the wise and prudent in accordance with our motto is akat, Bekerai, Ngaradu Te, Buen Taka, which have meaning "rose together, working for the good of us all", said Vice Governor. In addition to the confirmed Vice Governor, there are few public figures who are considered regardless of the life of East Kalimantan Dayak Indigenous communities are also mendapakan honorary degrees, including Regent darts H. Ridwan Suwidi as Datuk Buen Kesong Benuo Taka, head of PPU Bapedda District, Ir. H. Demong brother Ibrahim as Benuo Taka and Borneo Indigenous Council Secretary Soni Sebilang as Datu Ayus Benuo Taka.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kutai Lama Be Eligible Hits Tour.

Kutai Lama, the Year Hits Tour 2009 Kaltim, East Kalimantan Governor Faroek Ishak Awang mengajurkan Village Kutai Lama, Anggana District, Kutai Kartanegara District became one of the area attractions spiritual.

As known in the village that has about 3,000 inhabitants that has been famous for dimakamkan Aulia, Habib Hasyim bin Yahya bin Musaiyah upside Parangan title Prince and Sultan Aji Putra Mahkota. Prince Parangan upside is a great theologian of Islam first in the Kingdom of Kutai.

"From here Kutai Lama Islam brought Prince Parangan upside to become a recognized religion in the kingdom of Kutai legitimate," said Awang in this haul, and at Syukuran Governor of East Kalimantan in the Village of Kutai Lama, District Anggana, Kutai Kartanegara..

See the potential that, Kutai Lama has become a local tourist visits spiritual like Walisongo grave in the island of Java.
In order to support it, required the development of adequate infrastructure, such as roads, hotels, Kutai typical food and culture that is grown continuously.
In order to preserve the local culture, Awang also mengimbau District / City to take advantage of the Kaltim anjungan in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) as a campaign vehicle and interesting cultural attractions and investors both local and foreign for a visit to East Kalimantan.

According to Awang, several kingdoms in the East Kalimantan also need to be introduced to the general public, that is, the kingdom of Coastal, Berau, Bulungan and Kutai.
Although the district in East Kalimantan, has a different administrative area, but have the same culture. For example Region Kutai Kartanegara, East Kutai, Bontang, Kutai Timur, Samarinda and Balikpapan is the first part of the Kingdom of Kutai.

Tourism in East Kalimantan

As a tourist destination, East Kalimantan has the potential of culture and tourism that is not less interesting to the tourist destination in Indonesia. Strength of the tourism attractions such as natural, artificial and historical tourism is the mainstay tourism region of East Kalimantan

1. Nature Tourism Tour consisting of sea, Beach, Adventure and Nature Tourism. This tour along the coast of East Kalimantan, and specifically for the nautical tourism that has developed that located in the Berau Regency at Tanjung Batu District, Derawan Islands. And to tour the beach is managed located in the City of Balikpapan, Tarakan City, Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara, East Kutai Regency, Regency Penajam Paser North District and Bulungan.
2. Tourism Culture and consists of Traditional Dance, Theater Arts, Band, Drama, Light Literature, Music Tingkilan, tambourine, tambourine and the Art of the migrants in the developed areas of East Kalimantan, among others: Kepang Horses, Ludruk, ketoprak, Wayang Kulit, Barongsai, Kuda Lumping, Dance and Modeling, Sandur, Karawitan, Reog, Sinden, Tourism is growing in the region of East Kalimantan and in all District and City.
3. History Tour of survival - survival former Hindu kingdom in Indonesia that are in Mulawarman Museum, located in the City of Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara District, while in the District and the KTA, a historical tour that had stood in the City District, among others, the Kingdom of Sandurangas is located in the Sands Regency , Mount Tabur Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sambaliung located in the Berau regency, while in the city of Tarakan and the City - City of East Kalimantan in the former there are residual World War II to.
4. Mice Tourism is tourism that exists in some developing capital city between the District and other City of Samarinda, Balikpapan City and Town and City Tenggarong Tarakan.
5. Shopping is also a tourism development of Cultural Tourism is available at all District and City Capital City Tour including the Culinary each - each District and City have a distinctive charm in providing food or a taste of the food.
6. Travel Health. Tourism is developing according to market conditions and demand, but in rural areas there were type of treatment which is a form of local culture from Berlian Sentiu to healing people - the sick.
7. Religion developing tourism in the Province of East Kalimantan Pondok form - the Pondok Pesantren have the vision and mission, there are religious in the city of Samarinda, Balikpapan and Kutai City Sports Kartanegara.Wisata and developing a very interesting tour is Derawan Diving Islands in Berau Regency, and also in the City -- other cities, such as Balikpapan, Bontang City and also in the City - City other developing various sports fitness - kind of.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Variety of Tourism in East Borneo

East Kalimantan province has 13 City and District, Flora and Fauna have rama, arts and culture, rivers, lakes, beaches, mining, forest, white water rafting, and other interesting places.
Through the air: East Kalimantan has 2 doors that is coming through the air Sepinggan Airport International Airport in Balikpapan and Tarakan in Juata. International flights from East Kalimantan to the Foreign Affairs Silk Air flight, while domestic flights to and from the East Kalimantan, Garuda Indonesia Lion Air, Adam Air, Mandala, Sriwijaya, Kartika, Air Asia, and others.
Overland: from East Kalimantan to East Kalimantan Foreign can use land transportation such as the South Kalimantan and central Kalimantan.

Through the river and land: To besiede East Kalimantan regency and the city can use the land and River Road.

Through the sea: To the east kalimantan can also use Sea Transportation Semayang through the port in the port of Balikpapan and Tarakan in Tunon taka. Through the river and land: To besiege East Kalimantan regency and the city can use the land and River Road.
To continue the journey to the District in East Kalimantan can use the Land Transportation, sea, river and sea. Meanwhile, the District of Kota Tarakan other, be able to use sea transport, river and air.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Manggar Segarsari Beach, Balikpapan

Manggar Segarasari Beach is one of the tourism in Balikpapan District, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Marine water so clear, white sand, and the overall look of the beach area are still beautiful. Wide whole beach area is 13,000 m2.

Manggar Segarasari Beach area is very wide, so it can be used to play and vacation destinations. Visitors can play ball, play kites, and so forth. Waves beach water is not so big, so touris can play on the fringe, swim, play rubber boat, and others, with a sense of security. Beach is open between 06.00-18.00 at WITA.

This beach is located at Manggar, East Balikpapan, District of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. To go to this beach, visitors can travel through the land, both with two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel. From the center of Balikpapan City about 22 km distance, or distance from Sepinggan Airport around 9 km to the east. In addition to the personal use of vehicles, visitors can also use public transport the number 7 city.

In the coastal area there are a number of public facilities, such as the parking lot, shelter, space information, the board, pavement stalls (from stalls meatball, young coconut ice, gado-gado, and so forth), and toilet / bathroom / WC. Visitors can also rent a tire rubber (rental rates ranging between Rp. 5000.00-Rp. 10,000.00), soccer-ball colors with the type of party (price approximately Rp. 10,000.00), a rubber boat can drive in two (price approximately Rp. 15,000.00), and also the clothing pool. There are also rental services kites. Prices and tariffs confirmed on February 2008.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sanctuary Orchid Kersik Luway

White soft sand covered by shrubs and tall grass. Clumps of trees with yellowish leaves blanketed in the afternoon mist. This is Kersik Luway Nature Reserve from a distance.

Anyone entering the reserve would be struck with amazement at its beauty. But it holds more than natural beauty. Kersik Luway is home to hundreds of East Kalimantan's wild orchids that are now on the verge extinction as forests succumb to deforestation and forest fires.

Located 18 kilometers from Melak, West Kutai regency, Kersik Luway occupies 5,000 hectares of area. Near the entrance to the reserve, on some 400 hectares of area, are 70 species of East Kalimantan's wild orchids. Previously, it had around 80 species but 10 of them were destroyed in a forest fire in 1997.

East Kalimantan has at least 300 species of wild orchids. Wild orchids are difficult to cultivate and once their habitat is damaged, it will be almost impossible for the orchids to survive. The damage caused by the 1997 fire was therefore a big loss to the nation.

The reserve owes its popularity to its rare Black Orchid (Coelogyne pandurata). Growing in shrubs, the Black Orchid blossoms between April and December. In fact, that is the best period to visit the reserve when all the orchids are in full bloom and all you can see is a plethora of colorful orchids.

Forest fires remain the main threat to the reserve. Kersik Luway, according to the reserve's forest rangers, has been hit by forest fires four times. The first was in 1982, then 1994, 1997 and 2000.

Signs of the fires are still evident. Charcoal tree barks can be seen standing, while tall grass and shrubs dominate the vast landscape. Despite the scars, the reserve still holds its beauty.

There are various means of transportation to reach the reserve from Samarinda, which is around 170 kilometers from Kersik Luway. The most comfortable way is to take a boat from Samarinda to Melak. The trip takes around 22 to 24 hours. The boat ride costs Rp 55,000 for one way.

Another way is to go by car, which can take six hours. However, the trip by car can be exhausting as the dirt road from Samarinda to Melak is bumpy.

Accommodation might be a bit of a problem too as Melak does not have big hotels. Only small inns are available in the quiet town. Locals are more than happy to accommodate guests in their houses.

Journalists and researchers must have a special permit to enter the reserve. The permit can be obtained at the Ministry of Forestry in Jakarta or the Natural Resources Conservation Office in Samarinda. But the beauty that awaits visitors is worth all the trouble and discomfort.

The Jakarta Post,

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pulau Kumala Island

If the capital, Jakarta city have Dunia Fantasy as one of the mainstay, Tenggarong have Kumala Island as a place of public recreation major Kukar even people of East Kalimantan. The difference is in the lips Dufan coast, while a recreational park Kumala Island is located in the middle of the river Mahakam. Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara appeared not only as Kabuten has a wealth of mine materials, but more than that Kukar was also the tourism potential of saving enough to develop. One of them is tourism Kumala Island.

Parks Recreation Kumala Island (TRPK) is located in the management of the government of Kukar District. However the management is done in a professional, this is seen with penataan locations or the vehicle tour very slick to make a visitor will be amazed.
Wake up in the years since 2002, Kumala Island so far has rapidly developed into a recreational park which is the central destination for the people of East Kalimantan. Not less than ten vehicles can enjoy the game, including a resort with a relatively affordable price.

Kumala Island Parks Recreation relatively easy to reach. Kumala Island location so close to the central Kukar Government District, Tenggarong. Transportation to the island Kumalapun is very easy, you can use a motor boat which only takes about two minutes from the port, for fear that pengnjung boat ride, the train provides pengelolapun hanging. This second type of transport that determine rates are very cheap and definitely affordable by all sections of the community.

Pulau Kumala former island, which is always empty when submerged buoyant rise Mahakam River. In 2002 Pemkab Kukar perform reclamation and further build Kumala Island into a recreational park with a resort and transportation equipment.

To enter the area of Recreation Park Kumala you only need to pay Rp. 2000 for one entry, while for a vehicle that is in the recreation park this charge varies between Rp. 1500 s / d Rp. 10,000 for one game.

There are about ten games which means you can enjoy, such as the World Fantasy, Island Park Recreation Kumalapun provide game-play is not much different, such as jet clotser, Car Bombom, Comedy Play, Sky Tower and train even Gocart hanging.

For the hobby around, Taman Pulau Kumala provide recreational mini train that will take you around to enjoy the beautiful island of Kumala broadest reach of 81.7 hectares is applied to the time for 45 minutes. Kumala Island recreation parks also provides the arena for your fishing hobby to sit while waiting for your various species of fish.

For those of you who love the history of the tour, right in front of the garden tour Kumala Island Museum Mulawarman that there are a variety of store items pubakala residual Islamic kingdom of Kutai, itru addition to the museum complex in the area, there are stalls that sell a variety of typical cindera eyes and Kutai cindera typical of East Kalimantan.
In addition to second place ramble, the Kutai Kartanegara also has many places to enjoy tourism, among Brubus Village which is located around the area of Muara Kaman is the center of the former Kingdom of Kutai. Brubus village located about 48 miles Tenggarong City, in this village can be found various residual oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia such as the stone heads of swine, Lesong Stone and others.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Agrowisata Batuah Parks

This region is located in the KM.24 Loa Janan, which is the main road between Samarinda and Balikpapan. And have a broad concept with 35 ha agriculture, nature and tourism and agriculture are among the people of the village Batuah. Agrowisata Batuah this park is managed by the Department of Agriculture Plants of East Kalimantan Province but the location and areanya in Kutai Kartanegara District. Of the old from Balikpapan to Agro Park is about 1 hour and 30 minutes, while the distance from Tenggarong to Agro Park is approximately 45 minutes.

There are different types of orchids in this Agrowisata, among Nature Orchid, Dandrobium, Vanda, Moon Orchid, and other ornamental plants. Orchid orchid in-place can also be purchased with a relatively cheap price.
Anggrek addition, there are also Kaktus House and is one of the objects that can be visited. There are 10 rows of cactus house neat and colorful. Same with the orchid, cactus very day can be purchased with a relatively cheap price.
Very day in the area there is also a fishing pond is one of the main stay of Agrowisata Batuah. There are 3 swimming which is in the hilly curvature that can accommodate approximately 100 people fisher
Other facilities are Jogging track and Camping Ground. With locations spread wide and is located on the plateau in the middle of the orchard so that every visitor can enjoy the beautiful natural environment with a light breeze and the aroma of fresh flowers fragrance.
Various fruits that are in this Agrowisata, among species such as Rambutan Binjai, Lebak Bulus, Rapiah, Antalagi, Durian, pineapple, Salak Pondoh, Cashew etc.

Facility that there is in this Agrowisata Cafe, Fergola umbrella with flowers, Saung resting place, toilet and Villa style houses that rented for visitors who want to spend the night.
East Kalimantan as one of tourist destination in Indonesia XV, have great potential, especially tourism themed environment. At this time and in the future, in the era of regional autonomy, the potential must be dug and continue to be developed to contribute significantly to the development interests of East Kalimantan in the framework of national development.

Parks Agrowisata Batuah standing since 2000 is one of the tourism environments with the scope of agriculture. It is expected that tourism can be developed inenjadi vessel open while the recreational vehicle of education-training in agriculture is large. In the long term, ideally Agrowisata Batuah Park can be a source of local income through tourist visits to this location.
The purpose of writing this final task is to formulate the development strategy priorities Park Agrowisata Batuah to be made by reference to future development in accordance with the vision and mission. Formulation of strategies developed as a result of the analysis of internal and external environment using the matrix of SWOT (strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

Priority development strategy based on "the basic design school model" (Mintzberg, et al., 1998), which consider aspects of social responsibility and managerial values. Priority development strategies are selected as a result of the analysis are:
(1) Development of infrastructure facilities,
(2) Development of products / attractions;
(3) Human Resource Development of core competencies,
(4) Strengthening communities;
(5) integrated Marketing,
(6 ) Designing Local Regulation.

And further described in the Program / Plan Follow five (5) year development Agrowisata Batuah Park. For the success of the implementation of this strategy needs to be done to the socialization of the related parties (stake-holders) and approach (lobby) to decision makers both at the central level and at local level and work together to build integrated all stakeholders, both government, vice - representatives of the people, community tourism, the people around, tourists as consumers and entrepreneurs.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Balikpapan crocodile park: a treat for lovers of exotic fare

Residents in Balikpapan and other parts of East Kalimantan may be familiar with the Borneo Crocodile Recreational Park on Jl. Mulawarman in the city, managed by CV Surya Raya Crocodile Farm.

The place offers visitors a variety of crocodile leather products, such as briefcases, purses, wallets, belts and bags, as well as some exotic fare -- crocodile satay at Rp 3,000 (approximately 33 U.S. cents) a stick.

Crocodile meat is seen by many as nutritious and is believed to heal a number of diseases, such as asthma and allergies, as well as relieving hypertension and reducing sugar levels in diabetics.

The park is open to the public daily, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, visitors can sample crocodile satay only on Sundays and other major holidays, such as Idul Fitri, Idul Adha, Christmas and New Year's Day.

The Cafe Borneo, where crocodile satay is sold, was packed with dozens of visitors eating satay when The Jakarta Post visited.

Besides local visitors, curious diners come from as far as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta and even overseas.

"This is my first time eating crocodile satay. I got the information from my friends who came here earlier. It tastes delicious, like mutton satay," said Adrianus, from Jakarta, who was on a working visit to Balikpapan.

Another visitor from Jakarta, Roni, concurred. "I am by chance hungry... so it tastes more delicious, like chicken satay," said Roni.

According to an employee at Cafe Borneo, Edi, eating crocodile satay has no side effects and is safe for both children and adults. Only younger crocodiles, ideally around three-and-a-half-years old, are slaughtered for their meet.

"We can sell 500 to 1,000 sticks of satay during Sundays, but more than 2,000 sticks during holidays such as Idul Fitri and New Year," said park employee Hamroni.

The park also sells other crocodile-based products, such as crocodile oil, which costs Rp 8,000 per bottle. It is believed to be an effective ointment to heal burns. Crocodile penises are also on sale at Rp 300,000 to Rp 500,000 a piece and are believed to boost male virility.

A 120-ml bottle containing a medicinal drink mixed with crocodile penis is sold at Rp 15,000. Those who prefer light snacks can buy crocodile crackers at Rp 2,000 per pack.

Visitors can buy unfried crocodile crackers as gifts to loved ones back home for Rp 10,000 per pack. The park also sells frozen crocodile meat, meat floss and crocodile bile, believed by many to have qualities to heal asthma, skin diseases and prevent malaria.

Its crocodile leather products are sought after by visitors from the United States, Korea and Brunei. For those who wish to make their own creation from crocodile leather can buy a whole skin at Rp 1.27 million.

"It can be turned into bags, jackets, shoes and others. One of the company's aims is to provide high quality leather products at affordable prices so people from all walks of life can afford them," said Hamroni.

The park is always packed with visitors on weekends. More than 1,000 people visited the park last Sunday, some just to relax, conduct study tours or hold class farewells, as evident from a bus-load of students from the SDN 18 state elementary school in Samarinda Seberang.

The park is home to thousands of crocodiles, from young to mature.

It is not hard to reach the park. Visitors can take the number 7 public van, with fares ranging from Rp 2,500 to Rp 5,000 depending on the distance. It takes 30 minutes from Sepinggan International Airport by car.

Nurni Sulaiman, The Jakarta Post.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kutai National Park Ecotourism Destination

A. Overview

Kutai National Park (TNK) is one of the mainstay tourism in East Kalimantan. TNK whole wide area is approximately 198,629 hectares. In addition to the tour as a natural event, TNK also can be used as research activities, perkemahaman, education and nature. TNK is a third national park in the land of water used as a rehabilitation center orangutans.

TNK quite hilly area and surging between heavy and light with a height of 0-398 m dpl. There are 60 units with mountain hill T42 as the most high, the range of ± 398 m dpl.
TNK has a tropical climate with an average annual rainfall ranges from 1543 mm per year, with the air temperature ranges between 27 ° -33 ° C. With such conditions, in a visit which is considered the best months are April to October each year.

B. Specialties

TNK distinction lies in the existence of various types vagetasi main, the coastal forest vegetation / mangrove, freshwater swamp forests, forest kerangas, pool lowland forest, forest Ulin / Meranti / lime, forest and mix. In addition, TNK also has some plants, such as mangroves, tancang, sea pine, simpur, Meranti, benuang, lime, Ulin, raflesia flowers, orchids and various types of forest. TNK also has a diversity of animals, such as orangutans, owa Kalimantan, bekantan, long tail monkeys, beruk, and lemur.

There are several natural tourist activities offered in this area TNK, namely:
1. Kaba Bay Estuary and Sangkimah, in the form of tourism and maritime observation animals, such as orangutans, sambar deer, kanci, birds, honey bears, and bekantan.
2. Lombok Bay and River Estuary Sangata, in the form of tourism and maritime observation mangrove forests that are still intact.
3. Prevab Mentoko, in the form of observation and research animals, such as orangutans, honey bears, clever individual, boast deer, and wild pigs.
4. Lobang Wind Cave, a cave tour.

Some plants in the national parks, such as mangrove (Rhizophora sp.), Tancang (Bruguiera sp.), Sea pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), simpur (Dillenia sp.), Meranti (Shorea sp.), Benuang (Octomeles sumatrana), calcium (Dryobalanops sp.), Ulin (Eusideroxylon zwageri), 3 types of raflesia and various types of orchids.

Ulin tree (Eusideroxylon zwageri) that are in high Sangkimah have free branch 45 m, diameter of 225 cm or 706 cm trunk circumference and volume 150 m3. This tree was a tree and the highest in Indonesia.

C. Location

TNK region located in the four administrative districts, namely North District Bontang, Bontang District, South District of Muara Badak, District Marang Kayu, East Kutai regency, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

You can travel through the land. The distance from the Bontang Samarinda is 120 km with a time of the 2.5 hours. Or can also go from Balikpapan Bontang with the distance of 240 km or 4.5 hours of the time. From Bontang, and then travel to the Gulf of Bala proceed with the speed boat which takes about 30 minutes.

E. Accommodation and Other Facilities

TNK in the area there are lodging (hostel) that can be enjoyed by the visitors. In addition, TNK also has a number of other important facilities, such as earth camp, speed boat or ship, research facilities, and so forth.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belimbur in Kutai Lama

Belimbur or siram-water splash of water on top of the closure in 2008 Erau not only happen in the city of Tenggarong only. In Kutai Lama, District Anggana atmosphere Belimbur also no less exciting.

Siram-water splash of water on the mainland Kutai Lama began a procession took place after the draw Naga began. Meanwhile, in the Mahakam Delta, the water war has happened before Naga Trenggalek arrived in Kutai Lama.

Obviously, boisterous atmosphere full of joy Belimbur coloring the way in the area of Kutai Lama who had been the first capital of the Kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara start 13th century to the 17th century that.

Kutai Lama in the mainland, people know each other by using the flush water hose, bucket, scoop-bag to a plastic bag. Who are passing, certainly diguyur water Mahakam.

Exclaim him not to lose is the 'water war' going on in the Mahakam Delta. Dozens of small boats to motor boats belonging to citizens involved in the District Anggana 'battle' fierce.

Almost all the motor boats that pack the Mahakam is using sprayer with water pressure strong enough. Each meet one another, they each inject water Mahakam.

Minister Told Secretary palace HAP Gondo Prawiro, Belimbur or mutual siram water mensucikan have meaning for themselves from the influence of the evil-perngaruh often take someone away.

"Not only to men, but also to its surrounding environment so that the net effect of the evil and avoided all sorts of dangers," he said.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Panji Sukarame reservoir that is favourite by Local Tourists

Despite less than Pamor recreation center or the Museum Island Kumala Mulawarman, natural area tourism Sukarame Panji Reservoir, located about 3 km from the city center still seem Tenggarong the tourists are local or traveler's major cities in East Kalimantan.
Especially on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays, the area is no longer a reservoir for the irrigation work is always just visited tourist or group of young-mudi from out of town like Samarinda, Balikpapan, Bontang and other cities.
To enter the Reservoir Panji Sukarame charged entrance ticket is Rp 500 per person both adults and children. Then the traveler can walk around this area, to see a collection of orchid plants or relaxing sit-sit under shady trees while enjoying the atmosphere of the forest and cool down.
"Many also come here just to relax berombongan lunch as the entourage from Bontang," said Amat, one of the officials counter Reservoir Panji Sukarame, while pointing towards the current group of holiday-eat food under the trees. Entourage consisting of about 40 people appear to enjoy oneself with food that they carry themselves.
According Amat, usually from outside the tourist town is the new Reservoir Panji Sukarame after trips to the Museum of Wood that is located not far from the reservoir or after visiting the Museum Mulawarman.
Disinggung level visits to the Panji Sukarame Reservoir during holiday wordiness few days, Amat said that on the second day wordiness visited quite busy. Then on the third and fourth day yesterday (28/11) is quite quiet and start again on the busy day. "Possibly tomorrow Sunday also crowded, and usually have entertainment band in the house to eat it," Amat said while pointing a two-floor building, located on the slopes this reservoir edge.
Meanwhile, one of the holiday home Samarinda regret condition Reservoir Panji Sukarame that seemed slipshod. "Local government should also pay attention Lobar this reservoir area, try to see a lot of grass or wild plants, cover the surface reservoir. If given the game and then cleaned the water bicycle, may be more tourists who come here," said Lukman, Sempaja citizens, Samarinda.
Family holiday, indeed, there is truth, almost 70% of the surface reservoirs consist only rerumputan and wild plants that grow with fertile. The same can also be seen around the ship Kartanegara, crops appear wild mushrooming around the historic ship the Queen of the Netherlands to the Sultan of Kutai.
According to Lukman that come with 3 friends of this person, if Reservoir Panji Sukarame didandani or up again, do not close the possibility of this area is also potential in up PAD Lobar's tourism sector. "Do not just Kumala Island is only a built-ahead," he said so. How Lobar Tourism Office?

Visit the Museum in the Wood Tuah Himba Tenggarong

The traveler or tourist visit to the 'City of the King' Tenggarong have many options to spend the holidays with family. One of them is to visit the Museum of Wood "Himba Tuah" which is located in the Reservoir area of Panji Sukarame or about 3 km from the center of Tenggarong.
With a visit to the Museum of Wood Tuah Himba, traveler can add insight or knowledge to see the kind of rich collection relating to forestry. Rich collection presented collections are dry leaves (herbarium), collection of seeds, collection or discount log trees that grow on the island of Kalimantan, tools wood processing, kitchenware and traditional furniture I made Kalimantan's forest products.
In addition to showing the results of the forest, the main attraction is the Museum of Wood Tuah Himba siphon attention holiday collections are generally two tails' monster 'crocodile that has been preserved. The two tails estuary crocodile (Crocodelus porosus) has Kaltim public stir in 1996 because it was memangsa two men in two separate places namely Sangatta (East Kutai regency) and Muara Badak (Lobar) difference in time is only one month.
The two were killed after a crocodile is a snippet of the body to remove the victims left behind in the stomach, and then preserved in the Museum displayed for Wood Tuah Himba. Anyone who saw the crocodile be put in the window glass will bergidik imagine if a crocodile body 2-3 times the human body is really alive.
Farming first arrested on 8 March 1996 in the river Kenyamukan, Sangatta District (at that time still go before the region of the Kutai regency) memangsa after a woman called Ny Hairani (35). Farming male aged about 70 years with the male sex has a length of about 6.6 meters, weight 350 kg and 1.8 meters in circumference stomach.
While the crocodile with both female sex memangsa a man named Baddu (40) in Tanjung Limau, Muara Badak District (District Lobar) successfully arrested on 10 April 1996. Farming has a 5.5 meter long, 200 kg weight deng circle about 1 meter stomach.
For complete information about the two crocodiles that have been preserved this, the museum also memajang newspaper clipping that contains news about the crocodile that egregious human memangsa, including news tertangkapnya this crocodile crocodile diviner by a very experienced in Kutai.
With the entry ticket is only Rp 500 per person for both adults and children, the traveler can enter the Museum of Wood Tuah Himba to see a collection of forestry and two crocodiles that have been preserved it. Wood Museum is open every day except Monday.
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