Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dayak Paser Tribe in Balikpapan

Not good host must be a ruler, if left out. This sentence is inappropriate when associated with Paser the Dayak tribe is the tribal town of Balikpapan.

Their numbers in Balikpapan only 8.77% of the total population of Balikpapan numbering 601,392 inhabitants (2008). Even so, the tribe has incised Paser identity in naming "Balikpapan". In one version of the origins of the name of the town of Balikpapan, the word "Balikpapan" originally comes from the name of my grandfather and grandmother who lived along the bay of Balikpapan. Grandfather and grandmother's name was Kayun Kuleng and Sway Board. Descendants of that was eventually given the name Kuleng Board, which in the language of Sand, and KULENG means BOARDS THE BOARD means.

Although the tribe is often described as Dayak tribes who do not move the city of Balikpapan, cultural symbols Dayak still scattered in the city. Starting from motifs, statues, carvings, and Lamin (traditional house of Dayak) remained preserved in the city of Balikpapan. Special items are also used as a typical cendramata Balikpapan city, though, funny, sellers are mostly descendants cendramata Banjar and Java. In short, distinctive symbols Dayak tribe in Balikpapan remains a symbol, a translation (almost!) You can not get from the town of Balikpapan.

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