Sunday, November 8, 2009

Entero Banuo Taka Title

Entero Benuo Taka Title meaningful Customary Chief and Supreme Commander of Dayak Paser Earth. Prior to the first award was established Central Secretariat of the Council of Indigenous and Indigenous Dayak Paser by Regent Penajam Paser Drs. H. Yusran was witnessed by Vice Governor, Head of Paser Indigenous and Indigenous Council Secretariat Borneo. In sambutanya Vice Governor conveyed his appreciation to the title given by the people because believed to be Paser Customary Chief and Supreme Commander of Dayak Paser the Earth. "On behalf of the East Kalimantan provincial government, personal and family, I thank you for my inauguration. This gift I received with joy, but behind it all, this trust is trust, "said Ngayoh. Because of the huge responsibility that, vice governor, said he needed the support of all communities in East Kalimantan Dayak Paser everywhere, especially in the District PPU. "So I have the responsibility for protecting and waistband carrying Paser Dayak community in general on the progress, kesejakteraan and glory will be manifested. So please support!, "Please Vice Governor. As a citizen of Indonesia, the Dayak Paser by Vice Governor also has the rights and obligations as other Indonesian citizens, either as in getting human rights, law and education. Accordingly, the Vice Governor expects Stempel and Indigenous Council Secretariat has been established that it must be used according to its function. "Make the Central Secretariat of Indigenous and Indigenous Council is in accordance with the purposes and functions, so that through this place we can come together and resolve all existing problems with the wise and prudent in accordance with our motto is akat, Bekerai, Ngaradu Te, Buen Taka, which have meaning "rose together, working for the good of us all", said Vice Governor. In addition to the confirmed Vice Governor, there are few public figures who are considered regardless of the life of East Kalimantan Dayak Indigenous communities are also mendapakan honorary degrees, including Regent darts H. Ridwan Suwidi as Datuk Buen Kesong Benuo Taka, head of PPU Bapedda District, Ir. H. Demong brother Ibrahim as Benuo Taka and Borneo Indigenous Council Secretary Soni Sebilang as Datu Ayus Benuo Taka.

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