Sunday, February 15, 2009

Agrowisata Batuah Parks

This region is located in the KM.24 Loa Janan, which is the main road between Samarinda and Balikpapan. And have a broad concept with 35 ha agriculture, nature and tourism and agriculture are among the people of the village Batuah. Agrowisata Batuah this park is managed by the Department of Agriculture Plants of East Kalimantan Province but the location and areanya in Kutai Kartanegara District. Of the old from Balikpapan to Agro Park is about 1 hour and 30 minutes, while the distance from Tenggarong to Agro Park is approximately 45 minutes.

There are different types of orchids in this Agrowisata, among Nature Orchid, Dandrobium, Vanda, Moon Orchid, and other ornamental plants. Orchid orchid in-place can also be purchased with a relatively cheap price.
Anggrek addition, there are also Kaktus House and is one of the objects that can be visited. There are 10 rows of cactus house neat and colorful. Same with the orchid, cactus very day can be purchased with a relatively cheap price.
Very day in the area there is also a fishing pond is one of the main stay of Agrowisata Batuah. There are 3 swimming which is in the hilly curvature that can accommodate approximately 100 people fisher
Other facilities are Jogging track and Camping Ground. With locations spread wide and is located on the plateau in the middle of the orchard so that every visitor can enjoy the beautiful natural environment with a light breeze and the aroma of fresh flowers fragrance.
Various fruits that are in this Agrowisata, among species such as Rambutan Binjai, Lebak Bulus, Rapiah, Antalagi, Durian, pineapple, Salak Pondoh, Cashew etc.

Facility that there is in this Agrowisata Cafe, Fergola umbrella with flowers, Saung resting place, toilet and Villa style houses that rented for visitors who want to spend the night.
East Kalimantan as one of tourist destination in Indonesia XV, have great potential, especially tourism themed environment. At this time and in the future, in the era of regional autonomy, the potential must be dug and continue to be developed to contribute significantly to the development interests of East Kalimantan in the framework of national development.

Parks Agrowisata Batuah standing since 2000 is one of the tourism environments with the scope of agriculture. It is expected that tourism can be developed inenjadi vessel open while the recreational vehicle of education-training in agriculture is large. In the long term, ideally Agrowisata Batuah Park can be a source of local income through tourist visits to this location.
The purpose of writing this final task is to formulate the development strategy priorities Park Agrowisata Batuah to be made by reference to future development in accordance with the vision and mission. Formulation of strategies developed as a result of the analysis of internal and external environment using the matrix of SWOT (strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

Priority development strategy based on "the basic design school model" (Mintzberg, et al., 1998), which consider aspects of social responsibility and managerial values. Priority development strategies are selected as a result of the analysis are:
(1) Development of infrastructure facilities,
(2) Development of products / attractions;
(3) Human Resource Development of core competencies,
(4) Strengthening communities;
(5) integrated Marketing,
(6 ) Designing Local Regulation.

And further described in the Program / Plan Follow five (5) year development Agrowisata Batuah Park. For the success of the implementation of this strategy needs to be done to the socialization of the related parties (stake-holders) and approach (lobby) to decision makers both at the central level and at local level and work together to build integrated all stakeholders, both government, vice - representatives of the people, community tourism, the people around, tourists as consumers and entrepreneurs.

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