Monday, September 8, 2008

Say Good Bye to Baldness

When the amount of hair that falls, that will have potential to cause baldness. This can happen to anyone, both the man and the woman, but this phenomenon is more often experienced by the men. Baldness is begun from wiping him the hair follicle to the sheet becomes thin and shorter. Finally the follicle only takes the form of the miniature and does not have the sheet of hair. Provillus offers recuperation this hair falls.

The cause of Baldness:

  1. Stress. This condition can strike anyone, the work pressure or the problem of the household can then trigger the stress emergence. If being not handled, then can trigger hair fall even baldness. Moreover have the case where someone who experiences difficult depression, pulls out his hair personally.
  2. The age. The age increase also brings the change in the body. Through the age 50 years, the hair follicle no longer is effective until the growth of hair becomes slower. His difference to the woman, available oil will on the scalp continue to be circulated as far as the tip of the sheet of hair so as to be able to continue to grow, whereas to this oil man precisely in the hair starting point until closing head pores. As a result hair that falls could no longer grow because closed.
  3. The illness. The illness like Lupus and several illnesses autoimune as well as radiation therapy or chemotherapy, can cause fall temporary even permanent hair.
  4. The hormone. The man has the hormone adrogen am abundant, for example testosterone. This hormone if breaking out will become Dihydrotestosteron (DHT) that trigger the oil emergence as far as DHT can absorb to the hair follicle. Here the reaction of chemistry happen until the hair follicle shrinks and hair shrinks until achieving the small diameter.

Overcome Hair Falls

If hair falls that cause the baldness to be resulted in by malnutrition, still can be improved with consume and vegetables that just like vitamin A, B and C, as well as calcium like green vegetables, the legume, the citrus fruit, yogurt, tofu, the soybean, pawpaws, tomatoes and seafood. Likewise fall resulting from stress, you are kept looking for the method of overcoming him. However when fall as a result of by the hormone, his case will be complicated. FDA (the US bureau of the supervision of food and medicine) permit only permit minoxidil and finasteride to overcome baldness. Provillus only contains this substance. So please with Provillus immediately.

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