Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Kutai Tribe in East Kalimantan

Kutainese is an aristocrat people from
Kutai Kingdom, the first Hinduism kingdom in Indonesia, that have its golden age in Mulawarman King leadership. They live at Kutai regency, near Mahakam river. Kutainese have a famous ceremony called Erau, its celebrate every year in the middle January which is a very interesting moment.

Daily Living

The Kutainese live with fishing, farming, trading, or breeding. Some people who catch shrimp in Mahakam River have own method to know when is good time for fishing, just look at the water colour, if the water feels warm an coloured reddish that is a good time for fishing. Beside those job, they also manage rubber, gold, coal, oil and gas, clove, or pepper trading.


Erau celebrate in 10 days 11 night along the Mahakam river, it’s reflect Dayaks and Kutainese culture. In Erau there are many kinds of agenda such as traditional sports tournament, bazaar, song competition, motorcycle parade, decorate boats, tradition ceremonies, traditional boats competition, dispatch dragon to Kutai Lama, and after Beluluh with Tempong Tawar ceremony, Erau closed by say thanks to the God.

One ceremony of Erau is Belian, Kutainese and Dayaks beliefs leader of the Belian ceremony is a man who can talk to their Gods in seventh sky. He can tell the human’s wishes or the God’s wishes to human who organize Belian. There is many requisite that must to do, ritual offerings, serving, and even a translator who can translate moves and languages that the leader signs in possessed condition.

In Erau you cannot satisfied until you have Ulap Doyo or beads wallet from the Kenyah women’s hand

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