Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Employers Must Use Mahakam Potential Tourism

[Wednesday, September 7, 2011]

Governor Inaugurates Travel Ship Enchantment of the Mahakam River Parai SAMARINDA really has tremendous potential. Unfortunately, not many entrepreneurs who are interested to invest in tourism sector by exploiting the potential of the Mahakam River. Employers should Kaltim keen to see business opportunities, including utilizing the potential of the Mahakam River. Mahakam I am sure this gift can we manage it better in the future, said Governor of East Kalimantan, Dr H Ishak Awang Faroek after inaugurating the operation of the ship at Pier Parai Travel Charm Samarinda, Wednesday (7 / 9). Since the beginning served as governor, Awang Faroek several times has expressed his desire to see the resort town of Samarinda has a special feature with the beauty of the Mahakam River. Governor dream Awang Faroek, Samarinda and Mahakam River could align with the Chao Pharaya in Bangkok, Thailand which looks very attractive with panoramic views along the river wrapped in the Temple of Wat Arun, which look magnificent. Samarinda has, Islamic Centre, which is no less captivating than the Temple of Wat Arun. Moreover, in Samarinda Seberang also have the uniqueness that is not less interesting, namely Shirathal Mustaqiem Mosque which is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia that was built in 1881. The travelers who take cruises can also be introduced or visited the mosque, as a historic landmark in East Kalimantan, sebai part of package tourists. Therefore, the Governor Awang Faroek suggested that the City Government of Samarinda immediate plans to consolidate about the possibility of moving the settlement on the banks of the Mahakam River to the proper locations and not detrimental to society. Furthermore, these locations can be transformed into a hospitality area that his view leads to the Mahakam River. Many entrepreneurs who come thinking to do business as coal, oil or gas. The potential for the Mahakam River is really very remarkable. They could build a hotel with a view leads to the Mahakam River, definitely very interesting. Minimum of three or empatlah star hotel, the governor said. In addition, the governor also suggested the arrangement along the edges of the Mahakam become more beautiful with a model that has been presented boulevard City Government of Samarinda. Samarinda City Government is very serious organize Edge Mahakam. I think, their presentations can be combined with my ideas, he added. Regarding Ship Enchantment Tour Parai newly inaugurated, Governor Awang Faroek welcome. According to Awang, step Eljohn Indonesia business groups will be very supportive of tourism success Kaltim. Governor recommends companies Enchantment Travel Ship owners Parai, PT Borneo Mega Tour Tirta provide services even to the river tourism river in Kutai Barat is famous for its cascade of rapids that attract tourists and attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. Meanwhile, Director of PT Borneo Mega Tirta Tour, Edy Sukamto revealed for this early stage it had prepared three tourist boats. Two boats will travel directly operated, while the other ship will be prepared to anticipate the various possibilities. Like the governor said, Mahakam River has great potential. We believe the business will be highly water tourism potential, said Edy. Edy said target tourists who will use the tour boat services are general public, businesses and governments. In addition, it also hopes there will be cooperation with the school for tourism and science activities for students. In the initial stages, PT. Borneo Mega Tirta Tour will prepare a three-service package that is a one day tour, romantic night in Parai Kumala Island and transportation services to Tenggarong (Parai Kumala Island). One-day package tour travelers can buy tickets to 200 thousand per person entrance facilities Parai Kumala Island, lunch and ticket the car cabin on the island's tourism. Other packages, romantic night in Parai Kumala Island, the public can enjoy the opportunity to stay at the resort Parai Kumala Island and various other facilities at a price of Rp 400 thousand per person. Package of other services are transportation to Parai Kumala Island roundtrip ticket prices by Rp120 thousand per person, plus Edy accompanied Manager PT. Borneo Mega Tirta Tour, Sri Erma Dhamayanti. After the inauguration, Governor Awang Faroek Kaltim accompanied by a number of officials including the Head of Department of Transportation Zairin Zain, Head of Culture and Tourism, Ahmad al-Adha, the Head of Social Service, H Bere Ali and the Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of East Kalimantan, HM Yadi Robyan Noor, a few minutes had Travel Ship Enchantment enjoy Parai, from Pier Samarinda and docked at Pier provincial government, right in front of the Governor's Office. (Sul / hmsprov). Photo: East Kalimantan Governor, Dr H Ishak Awang Faroek, along with Director of PT Borneo Mega Tirta Tour, Edy Sukamto while enjoying the cruise ship Enchantment Tour Parai in the Mahakam River. (Fadli / humasprov).

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