Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Infrastructure In East Kalimantan

Land Road
In 2001/2002, the existing road network covered 16,999.04 km, consisted of 3,031.41 km state roads, 6,031.26 km provincial roads, 5.201,4 km regencies/cities roads, 1,479 km connecting/corridor roads (which is connecting this province to the bordered area and the north axis) and 1,255.97 km countries roads. In addition, people can also utilize river transportation in this province.

East Kalimantan province has 53 airports of which classified into 1 international airport, 15 domestic airports, 16 commercial airports and 37 pioneer airports. The biggest one is Sepinggan airport that has 2500-m length and 45-m width runway. It can serve Boeing, Air Bus and MD 11 airplanes. Sepinggan airport is the second most congested airport, less than Sukarno Hatta international airport in Cengkareng, Jakarta. Meanwhile, other airports were only available to serve the airplanes of F 28, D.737, C-212, and ATR-42. In 2001, as much as 1,052,640 passengers arrived at and 963,319 people departed from these airports Almost of all over regencies/cities have airports.

2001/2002, the available telecommunication facilities covered 288,386 lines in 13 regencies/cities. Telecommunication network was divided into 3 regions; consisted of Balikpapan, Samarinda and Tarakan regions. From the total lines, as much as 246,679 lines were connected and utilized in these three region of which the detail were 102,919 lines in Balikpapan, 108,744 lines Samarinda and 35.016 lines in Tarakan. Many private companies operate the cellular telephone networks such as Telkomsel, Satelindo, Telesera, P.T. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi, P.T. Paktel and Pro XL.

Energy and Electricity
In 2002, there were already electrical powers with the installed capacity of 356 MW and 200 KW, supplied by State Electrical Company, electricity based on diesel power (296 Mw), electricity based on steam power, electricity based on machine power (200 KW) and electricity based on diesel power (reached 680 MW, supplied by 10 companies).

In 2002, gas production reached 1648 billion feet cubic.

Clean (drinking) Water
Amounted to 9 companies in the form of Regional Owned Companies have operated water supplies in the East Kalimatan province. The companies utilize many water sources to produce drinking water. As much as 9 installation of water treatment utilize river supplies, an installation of water treatment utilizes lake supply and an installation of water treatment utilizes dam supply. Total distributed consumption reached 54,423,000 m3 in 2000.

Supporting Infrastructure

Bank and Insurance
At present, there are five governmental banks, a representative of Central Bank, seventeen (17) private banks, a foreign bank and four insurance companies (Bumi Putra, Jiwasraya, AIA, and Jasindo)

There are 17 star hotels with capacity of 1,755 rooms and 2,777 beds and 297 non-star hotels with capacity of 3,458 rooms and 5,618 beds.

Health Facilities
The available health facilities are, for instance, 24 government and private hospitals, 731 Public health centre (Puskesmas), Public clinics and medical laboratories spread at 13 regencies/cities, and other health facilities such as 135 pharmacies, 40 drug stores and other private polyclinics.

Education and Training
Many educational facilities owned by government and private are available, comprises 2,044 elementary schools, 404 junior high schools, 150 senior high schools, 67 vocational schools, 14 polytechnics, 3 academies and 24 universities. This province has also Labour training centres, Industrial training centres, etc.

Trade Centres
As much as 37 supermarkets/malls are found in all regencies/cities of East Kalimantan province. In addition, about 256 traditional markets still exist in 13 regencies/cities.

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