Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pepper is Main Commodity in East Kalimantan

Pepper in East Kalimantan is the traditional commodity that for quite a long time is known and developed by the people. Some time before the pepper commodity was one of the East Kalimantan export commodities that is important enough, that is known with the quality white pepper Samarinda.

After the price of this commodity falls in the world market to the lowest point and the disaster of land fire as well as dry long that struck East Kalimantan last 1982 the production of East Kalimantan pepper descends drastically, so as since that time East Kalimantan has no longer been recorded as the exporter of pepper.

The last few years agricultural the people's pepper is again intensified, more - more is triggered by the existence of the price increase that is quite significant in the world market.
The area of the pepper crop in East Kalimantan that is wide enough to be gotten in the Kutai Kartanegara Regency (the Samboja Subdistrict, Muara Jawa and Loa Janan), the Regency Kutai East (the Sangatta Subdistrict), the astrologer's Regency the North Compass (the Subdistrict A the Nail), the Berau Regency (the Talisayan Subdistrict), the Malinau Regency (the Malinau Subdistrict and Mentarang), the Nunukan regency, Lumbis, Sebatik and Sembakung), the Samarinda City (the Samarinda Subdistrict North).

The area of the area of the people's pepper in East Kalimantan in 2007 is recorded totalling 14.657 ha with the number of productions totalling 10.260 ton dry pepper. The production from this pepper crop above completely is marketed to satisfy the requirement for domestic consumption and the export.

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