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East Kalimantan needs the Investor the Seed Cow

on Thursday, November 22 2007 | 13:06 of WIB

The Interactive TIME, Balikpapan: East Kalimantan needs the investor of livestock breeding of piece cattle to fill the target of the meat self-reliance 2010.
His target, the requirement for the community between 60 thousand tails of supplies every year.
"In fact in East Kalimantan really need the investor of the cattle seed apart from to satisfy the requirement" for "consumption also to achieve the meat self-reliance in 2010," say to the Service East Kalimantan Syahtiar.
According to Syahtiar, East Kalimantan uptil now brings cattle from Sulawesi, Bali, in the West Nusa Tenggara and some of the Java.
Ideally, East Kalimantan every year produces 55,000 tails per the year since 2001 - 2010.
Officially East Kalimantan Livestock Breeding, says Syahtiar, still the difficulty develops the cattle livestock.
The development of the livestock breeding region in the area of the border and the countryside is difficult to receive transport access.

Source: Tempo Interactive

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