Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Save Our Earth by Planting The Tree

Save our earth by planting the tree. Plant the tree in each place that enable. Also you can plant with make in the urban area. So that our garden is treated well and have the value artistic, can copy from various available countries in this world. Around the country that has the garden that has the high artistic value is Italia.

Tear down the curtain in Florence, that if you can there spend the night in the Florence Hotel, is one of the gardens that is most big and softest in Italy, first the example and the model for the royal garden of the European court.

Giardino Botanico, is the botany garden that is first in get up in Europe. This garden is often buried the crop that contains the medicine.
Giordano Botannico is in Padua. If you want to go to Giordano Botanico be able to spend the night in Padua Hotel.
Moreover, Pompeii the curtain, the land that is fertile resulting from the eruption of the Vesuvius Mountain, that to monument the history will be destroyed him the inhabitants Pompeii. Don't forget to go to Pompeii you spend the night in Campania Hotel.

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