Friday, December 10, 2010

History of East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan was destined to become the pioneer of civilization in Indonesia. History proves it, because in this region are found the oldest kingdom in Indonesia, namely the kingdom Mulawarman located in the district of Muara Kaman. Kingdom is estimated to stand at abab IV AD, with the famous king Nala Mulawarman god. The descendants of King Mulawarman power continued until the 25th king named Maharaja Setia Derma (XXIII century AD).

By the power of Dynasties Mulawarman start to fade, on the east Kalimantan has established several kingdoms. Beginning with the kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara in Jaetan screen (now the entrance area of Kutai Lama.) Then stand well Tabur Mount Royal and Royal Sambaliung (Berau), Kingdom of Tanjung Palas (Bulungan) and the Kingdom Sandurangas (Pasir District).

The kingdoms are running the government in their respective territories and history recorded no serious dispute between the kingdoms, to enter the Dutch who colonized East Kalimantan since 1844.

The Dutch colonial government established the Federation of East Kalimantan, which is a composite of four kingdoms in East Kalimantan. When the Republic of Indonesia was established on August 17, 1945, the Federation of East Kalimantan are legally enter the territory of Indonesia and Kaltim rakyak was indeed choose to join with the Republic of Indonesia.

In the period of physical struggle (1945-1949), the people of East Kalimantan has also struggled to maintain independence with a climax with the events "Sanga-sanga" (January 1947), known as red-white event.

After experiencing a period of change from the form of the royal system of government became Special Region (1956) and eventually became the province (January 1957) which consists of four regencies (Kabupaten Kutai, Berau, Bulungan and Pasir District) plus two townships (Township Samarinda Township and Balikpapan).

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