Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mine Tours in East Kalimantan

Widjaja Mertokusumo in tulisanya entitled "Recycling Sawahlunto mining town, this mengugah me, to try the other side menulusuri Samarinda City that has been dubbed as mine, because almost all the country surrounded by mining permit (Mining).
What about the East Kalimantan province alone, the data in 2009 from the Department of Mines, that already there are 33 mining permits a Coal Mining Agreement (PKP2B) from the Central Government and permission KP 1212, with half the area of East Kalimantan region.
With a lot of mine, certainly caused a lot of impact, and social problems. So does mine not so long age, and nature that can not be updated with any road, although there are post-closure reclamation efforts. Which obviously will remain the largest remaining wells, the width and which can not be closed in again. Not to mention let alone using models of mining permits issued by local governments and the Chest (Mining illegal) is far from the reclamation effort.
Post-closure positive side, this could be the asset, East Kalimantan, Samarinda especially to learn to make mine who've run out his contract into something useful and beneficial to society. Yes by creating ex-mining areas are developed, managed, into the business of tourism.
It was developed in Australia, which generate foreign exchange and become an attractive tourist there, what about Indonesia, we can learn from the mining town of Sawahlunto. The city already has a clear vision to make "Sawahlunto in 2020 into a cultured town mine tour. A rare courage to make local government, as embodied in the book report mining tourist town Sawahlunto (2001).
Mine was chosen and used as a tourist attraction, because of the uniqueness, and excellence in Sawahluntuh dikawasaan West Sumatra. On the basis that here is the first and oldest mines in Indonesia. Mine are moving by means of forced labor and the research and development of mining technology from long ago.
The area of former mines and remnants of mining activity or activity that is focused and packaged as a tourist attraction as part of mine tours such as:

1. 1. Tread or shallow mining site / open and mine sites in;
2. 2. Processing installation or management of mining products, namely the installation of dams pencuciam solution (sizing) of coal;
3. 3. Transport infrastructure and mining products, from the mine until kepelabuan; and
4. 4. Socio-cultural product in the form of mining activities, equipment and supplies related to the life of the mine.

Efforts perintisaan mines tourism activities, need to remember Kaltim, a lot of holes peningggalan or sumbur-source ex-mine. This future can be used as a place of tourism activities and heritage preservation, which can be understood as an attempt to interpret the re-mining activities as part of natural resource wealth Kaltim.
Something real and not managed as it is in the former gold mining area of PT Kem in West Kutai. now almost a ghost town, all the employees go, and settlement activities also began to quiet, quiet, and the mes / mes or former office building that went untreated. It is time for local governments to be creative with the idea of a museum of mining in East Kalimantan. In order to develop potential areas of East Kalimantan province known as the abundant natural resources such as: forests, mines, plantations, and others.
It's time to have thought to put mine on the side of humanity, the beauty, and the glory and the rasp of this beautiful nature. By making the former mine area as a tourist mine, we can learn a lot about how Kaltim mine could become the world's largest coal pengeskpor, mine? How coal is abundant not menyamin electric presence in East Kalimantan, do not make citizens prosperous, growing poverty and unemployment are rising, and power struggles in the name of elections received from mine. All life in this city is so tempting and shiny party scrambling in a black gold mining, power, politics, and the rasp was as a single integral in human peradapan Samarinda.
Kaltim Oh Kaltim 10 years would end the black gold party belle province today, the only remaining former mining area. Forward This makes perfect solution Kaltim as tourist destination of Indonesia's largest mining. Staying the commitment, vision, clear mission .. from local governments to realize .. Hopefully

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