Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Customary Ritual

Naik Ayun/Tasmiyah Ritual
Naik ayun is part of Kutai customary ritual. It is a ritual of giving name to a new born baby. After giving the name, it is followed by the cutting of the baby's hair and "Tepung Tawar" ceremony. Then the baby is put in a swing. This ritual is influenced by Islam, so that there is a "Berjanji", the praise to Mohammad, the greatest prophet.

"Erau" is from the word "eroh" means: busy, rush, crowd, a very happy situation. This word becomes a term of ritual new king or sultan commission. It was done by the palace family and invite some people who have worked for the palace. Erau is held for 8 days long continuously and perform many kinds of art attractions. Long time ago, there was giving-a new-name ceremony from the king to the family or some person who have rendered the Sultan. At present, Erau traditional ritual is preserved as a cultural inheritance. Regional Government of Kutai made Erau a permanent activity named "Festival Kesenian Rakyat" or "People's Party", the celebration of Tenggarong City. Erau becomes an annual tourism event on 23-28th September. It is held by the Regional Tourism Department of East Kalimantan.

Bob Jengau
This is a customary ritual of Dayak Modang Tribe at Muara Ancalong and Muara Wahau in Kutai Regency and some other places. It is related to some other customary rituals. Those are Uding, Dang Tung, Ne Legun, Ne Loi, Ne Blok, Nam Bleu and completed with art and traditional sports program. The dances are Jong Nyelong dance, Ngeway and Ding Wuk.

Hudoq Party
This is a customary ritual of Dayak Bahau Tribe at Long Iram. Long Bagun Districts and some others places in Kutai Regency. It is held for some days, with traditional dances and sports.

Pelas Tahun
Customary ritual from Melayu Kutai Tribe at Muara Bengkal Subdistrict and Kutai Regency. This is a thanksgiving customary ritual to God. It is held for three days and nights continuously, with Jepen Tingkilan Dance and traditional sports.
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