Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Among the mountains in East Kalimantan, there exist a number of tops or mounts, while the highest are:
Bulungan Regency :
Mount Makita 2,987 m
Mount Lagaparatu 1,801 m
Mount Todadaun 1,753 m
Mount Tukuksilo 1,731 m

Berau Regency :
Mount Kundas 1,670 m
Mount Beriun 1,380 m
Mount Serawan 1,230 m

Kutai Regency :
Mount Liang Pran 2,240 m
Mount Kong Kiau 2,053 m
Mount Menyapa 2,000 m
Mount Kong Kemul 1,807 m
Mount Badat 1,700 m
Mount Kong Petah 1,684 m
Mount Batu Atan 1.652 m
Mount Baturrok 1,548 m

Pasir Regency :
Mount Sarempake 1,380 m
Mount Lumut 1,236 m

Those mountains are potential with mine ores, bird nest and phosphate.

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