Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Geography and Physiography

The province of East Kalimantan, which is about 211,440 Ha wide, is located in equatorial area between: 113° 44' East Longitude and 119° 00' and 4° 241'- 2° 25' North Latitude. Toward the north is Malaysia (Sabah), to the East spread out about 500 mile lowland which goes along the Coast of Sulawesi Ocean and Makasar Strait, which is the border of the East, while to the West Spreads out the Iban Mountain and Muller Mountain. To the East is Sulawesi Ocean and Makasar Strait, the channel of strategic transportation for national and international trade.
Temperature on average is 26° Celcius. Maximum temperature is 31° Celcius and minimum temperature is 22°-26° Celcius. The air humidity on average is 1,001.82 millibare. The speed of the wind on average is 4,3 knot and the sun illumination is 45,3°. The rain-pour on average is 19 mm each year.

East Kalimantan contains lowlands, hills and mountains. To the West spreads out Iban Mountain and Muller Mountain which constitutes the border with Serawak (East Malaysia). To the South stretches Meratus Mountain which constitutes the border with the Province of South Kalimantan. Furthermore, some mountains and mounts existing in the center part, with some hightops such as Mount Kong Kemul 1,847 m, Mount Makita 2,053 m, Mount Mendam 1,599 m, Mount Kundas 1,670 m, Mount Lagaparatu 1,801 m, and Mount Menyapa 2,000 m, which contitutes the natural border for the regencies and the municipalities.
Spread out area of lowland, exists along the rivers flowing among the mountain from West to the Eastern coast.
According to the height above sea level 13.4% of the area lines between 0 - 25 m. mostly found in Bulungan and Kutai ; 23.8% of it reaches the height of 25 - 100 m, while 62.8% is 100 - 1,000 m in height. This description tells us that more than 80% of East Kalimantan is covered by dense forests along the Eastern coast.

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