Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rafting in East Kalimantan

The location of the Arung Jeram (river rafting) is divided into 12 large rivers in sEast Kalimantan with details as follows :

Mahakam River has 23 Jeram (estuaries) as follows :
Haloq, Batu Uma, Kamit, Batu Je, Udang, Asiu, Telang Usan, Batu Berang, Ipak Sapit, Ben Hong (jeram panjang0, Kenehe, Ben Palag, Beliu, Lubang Kubang, Nap Batu Bernafas, Ban Kalung, Lunang Ino, Batu Bid, Batu Lawung, Napo Hida and Pelanduk estuaries.
The estuaries are approximately 50 Km in length, and Ben Hong estuary is the biggest among them. The Easy way to the estuaries from Samarinda is by motor boat to Long Bangun about 3 days. Later chartered a long boat from Long Bangun to Long Apari with 2 days journey. Hence by air from Samarinda using DAS aircraft to DATA DAWAI about one - and - half hours, then the journey from here by rafting boat.

Kayan River has 50 Estuaries as follows :
Aya, Lutung, Long Ping, Batuk Payau, Long Sungai Tia, Puho, Lusak, Lepuun, Tamen Luhung, Batu Luung, Gep, Peta, Layuk, Ubek, Belipek Laweng, Musang Tingang, Naha Gamang, temeto, Bai Bileng, Wai Tebungen, Dian, Payau, Musang, Ap Kayan, Awon (the largest in 6th grade), Talang Musang, Tuhan, Batang, Teku, Tiap, Ahit, Pute, Lawat Buet, Kelengan, Peta, Temengan, Laham, Amut, Api, Sihai, Ka Nuyang, Long Kihan, Musang Perihan, Long Musang, Long Bangun, Bemberem.
The length of the estuaries are about 500 Km.

The distances and easy way to the area is from :
From - To : Times
Balikpapan - Tarakan : 1.5 hours
Tarakan - Tanjung Selor : 6 hours
Tanjung Selor - Long Bia : 3 days walk
Long Bia - Musa Tigang, till Awon Estuary : 1 hour
Awon - Musang : 9 hours
Musang - Teko : 1 day
Teku - Data Dian : 1 day
Data Dian - Long Nawang : 1 day
Long Nawang - Bemberem Lidung Payau : 150 minute

All up is about 12 days if everything is okay, using long boat with 40 Hp motor. While using the DAS aircraft from Samarinda to Long Ampung is about 1 hour 50 minutes and 'milir' downstream from Long Ampung to Long Nawang, to Data Dian, to Teku, Musang, Awon, Walking, Musang Tigang Long Bia and Tanjung Selor.

Bahau River has 44 estuaries as follows :
Long Beluwe, Lembu, Geng, Pasang, Lu, Nao, Enta Liang, Berau, Long Nah, Pangin, Baliu, Baliu lut, Mading, Aran, Lung, Lesung, Alo, Badeng, Telasan, Dado, Telasan Duet, Enta Talang, Tulung, Luhung, Anye Luhung, Batu Baya, Ilan, Ka Lanuk, Tako, Babui Mahe, Babui Lempo, Mecuk Menat, Ka Besun, Ku Keling, Lap, Bulu Lantung, Aaye Bung, Bekai, Long Mejan and Payang estuaries.
Total length for the estuaries are about 150 Km.

Easy way to the location is from :
From - To Times
Balikpapan to Tarakan : 1,5 hours
Tarakan to Tanjung Selor : 6 hours
Tanjung Selor to Long Bia : 7 hours
Long Bia to Long Pujangan : 7 hours
Long Pujangan to Apau Ping : 150 minutes

The journey takes a total about 5 days

Boh River has 7 estuaries as follows :
Terenga, Kelep, Dian, Bemberem, Kubo, Malat and Tanyit estuaries. The Length is about 30 Km. The easy way to the area is by MAF aircraft from Samarinda to Lembusan about 1 hour 55 minutes. Lembusan is situated near Boh River and downstream with the rubber boat to the estuary Boh River meets with Mahakam River takes about 5 days.

GEOGRAPHICALLY, EAST KALIMANTAN HAS A BIG INFLUENCE ON THE WORLD, because of its forests as the heart of the world. So the nature of the forests include miracle forest & very inspiring, including the arung jeram (river rafting) from the large river in East Kalimantan. From Inventaries, rivers in East Kalimantan has 204 estuaries recorded, with as follows :

Name of River Estuaries
Mahakam 23
Belayan 7
Wahau 5
Kayan 50
Bahau 44
Tubu 38
Mentarang 7
Kelai 5
Segah 4
Sajau 4
Kandilo 10
Boh 7

All tourist visiting the river rafting location are required to meet a few requirements as follows :
• Bring life jackets
• Possibly a good swimmer
• Have a good physic and mental
• To take insurance
• And bring the necessary equipments along during the journey
How to handle emergency
• The conditions of the long - boat & engine rented must be new and in good working order and specially designed for the purpose
• The crew members must know the area very well
• When floods occur, the journey could be post-poned a few hours untul the water level is droping
• If the boat is capsized, the passengers are required to hold on the boat, and try to swim to the shore, down stream
• Choose a suitable place where small trees are toerect the tent and not near the swarm/muddy place
• Equip with a roope of about 30 meters long, it might be handy
• The passengers are required to sit in the middle while the long - boat sails, and do not rock the boat


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