Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dance Arts & Traditional Ceremonies

Coastal Culture Traditional Ceremonies
Animism (a belief towards the anchestor's spirits) is also found in the coastal area. The belief believed by the Bajau tribe (coastal) comes from the social life organization, which is called Melabuh traditional ceremony. Although this traditional ceremony in the coastal areas has different names and activities, the meaning is just the same; that is as a prayer for God to say thank and also to ask for a better live. Since this ceremony is based on the source of living and life itself, therefore the ceremony consists of the offerings (sesajian) offered for God. The peak of this ceremony is usually done by throwing away the offering to the sea.

Coastal Culture
• Jepen dance
• Tenun sarung dance
• Anyam tikar dance
• Mamanda
• Rebana
• Berjanji
• Delail
• Diba
• Gurdah
• Rudat
• Qasidah
• Hadrah
• Selawatan
• Maulud Habsyi
• Bedalling Dance (Derawan Island)
• Sakayan-sakayan (Derawan Island)
• Ronggeng dance (Pasir)

Kingdom/Kraton Culture
• Topeng Dance
• Kanjar Ganjur Dance
• Joget Demaring Dance
• Bangun Dance

Inner Culture
• Perang Dance (Kancet Pepatai)
• Wanita Dance (Kancet Ledo) / Gong Dance
• Datun Julut Dance
• Leleng Dance
• Pegayang Dance (Kerja Dance)
• Pecuk-pecuk Kina Dance
• Pilin Tali Dance
• Karang Sapek (Sampek Dance)
• Hudoq Dance
• Ding Dance (Burung Punguk Dance), Jong Nyelong Dance, and Nguwai Dance
• Gantar Dance
• Giring-giring Dance
• Ngerangkau Dance
• Belian Dance
• Enggang Bird Dance
• Perang Bersama Dance
• Uding Dance
• Pergaulan Dance
• Lemau Dance
• Kacet Tengen (Tunggal Dance)
• Kancet Lesung Untat (Menumbuk Beras)
• Bekukui Dance
• Bekukui Dance
• Kancet Tua (Bersama Dance)

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