Tuesday, August 7, 2007


East Kalimantan have 279 islands in the rivers, 50 on the river mouth, and 229 in the sea (Sulawesi Ocean and Makasar Strait). Most of the islands are in Bulungan Regency (123 islands), among them the farthest are Sipadan Island and Lingitan Island. Berau Regency has 57 islands, and the farthest island there is Sambit Island. Although most of the islands here are small, they are very potential for fishing as well as marine tourism, such as diving with beautiful underwater scenery. Kutai Regency also has many islands, especially at the mouth of Mahakam River (the total amount is 91 islands). They are potential with offshore gas/oil mining, particularly in Bekapai and Pemarung Island. Pasir Regency has 6 islands, Balikpapan Municipality has 2, while Samarinda Municipality has none.
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